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Now that the first part of summer is behind us, I hope that Katla waits till next April-July next year for the big bang! I certainly don't want a winter eruption!
Jul 19 2012 11:44
  • Evening thunder's Photo
    Evening thunder
    It would be nice to be able to watch it in daylight more, but I'd prefer any impact on temps to be more in winter - if it's in summer it just makes it more bland and like what you get at other times of the year, whereas in winter it could help it be a bit more interesting :)
    Jul 19 2012 12:57
  • karyo's Photo
    I disagree Stormmad, during the winter there is very little sunlight to block and the sun is very low in the horizon.
    Jul 19 2012 13:14
  • Evening thunder's Photo
    Evening thunder
    But I don't want the impact on temps in summer and not in winter, that would make the climate more boring.
    If it can effect winter more than summer by blocking more sunlight out in summer it might be more interesting, but I'd still want some summery weather in the summer.
    Jul 20 2012 08:07