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Robbie Garrett

Monday 25°C, Tuesday 30°C, Wednesday 32°C, Thursday 28°C, Friday 27°C.... Summer's definately coming. http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/2643743
Jul 18 2012 21:55
  • Milhouse's Photo
    I want 30c. A Summer without reaching 30c is always a disappointment.
    Jul 18 2012 23:16
  • Scorcher's Photo
    It doesn't happen very often either Milhouse, even 2007 just managed 30C. Plenty of time yet as in theory it can happen until early October as last year proved!
    Jul 18 2012 23:58
  • Eugene's Photo
    What absolute nonsense those temps are for tuesday/wednesday, looks a pleasant dry warm spell not a heatwave
    Jul 19 2012 17:00