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Nick L

Having the time of my life on the storm chase tour. Seriously guys, get saving.
Today, 07:16


An earthquake of 4.2 magnitude has hit Kent, shaking buildings and waking up residents. The tremor was recorded at a depth of 9.5 miles (15km) about 1.4 miles (2km) west of Ramsgate in Thanet at around 3am. Simon Moores, who lives in Westgate-On-Sea close to Margate, told Sky News: "There was a sudden, violent jarring and shaking. "Dogs started barking. It lasted for around 10 seconds.
Today, 06:47
  • Mapantz's Photo
    Only 260,000 times smaller than the quake in Napal then?
    55 minutes ago
  • Mokidugway's Photo
    Many dead Daniel :0.....
    24 minutes ago


Zoo on Saturday, lad's 7th birthday on Sunday, WEMBLEY on Monday. Bank Holiday Boom!
Yesterday, 21:07


Sick of the weather in this horrible country.
Yesterday, 19:54
  • cheese's Photo
    Karyo - if we get a cold summer and a mild winter, I will be in climatic hell! 2007 and 2008 were terrible for this reason.
    Yesterday, 20:36
  • cheese's Photo
    anyweather - it's the weather that makes it horrible. It would be the best place in the world otherwise.. in my opinion of course.
    Yesterday, 20:37
  • Mokidugway's Photo
    The only thing separating the seasons is the amount of daylight ,utterly crap ..
    Yesterday, 20:51


No Summer Weather Yet Hmmm....
Yesterday, 19:52
  • DAVID SNOW's Photo
    It aint summer yet......
    Yesterday, 19:58
  • Daniel*'s Photo
    May is summer in my eye
    Yesterday, 23:11


12c and partly cloudy Bank holiday ,whoopie ......not ..
Yesterday, 15:30
  • Dami's Photo
    I got three loads of washing done today, which was good considering.
    Yesterday, 17:00


Well apart from exams, my sixth form days have drawn to a close.
Yesterday, 13:22


A definite different feel to things outside. Its warm for the first time in ages.
Yesterday, 10:16
  • Harry's Photo
    Yup! Last few days the low dew points very apparent - chilly feeling, very March like! Today though a lovely transformation :D
    Yesterday, 12:19
  • Milhouse's Photo
    And its sunny too. Shows you dont need low dew points for sunny blue skies.
    Yesterday, 12:29
  • conor123's Photo
    First (and last probably) nice afternoon this month here.
    Yesterday, 18:32


Net migration into the UK rose by 50% to 318,000 last year, new figures show. The Office for National Statistics said this was a "statistically significant" rise of more than 109,000 compared with the previous year. There were increases in both EU and non-EU migration, with the total figure close to 2005's all-time high.
Yesterday, 09:10
  • coldcomfort's Photo
    Well the simple, inescapable fact is we can do absolutely nothing to stem the flow of immigrants from other EU countries, so there is far, far worse to come until we leave. History will judge the current open borders policy to be one of the craziest dictates ever, with no thinking or forward planning having gone into it whatsoever.
    Yesterday, 18:17
  • Interitus's Photo
    Thing is, the stereotype is that the right wing is anti-immigrant and thus accused of racism while the left welcome foreigners but in reality the right is the friend of big business which wants an endless supply of cheap labour, while the true left wants to defend the rights of the workers and the poor which are disadvantaged by an influx of foreigners.
    Yesterday, 20:28
  • Daniel*'s Photo
    I think it's quite ridiculous we can't even control our own borders the free movement of people in around EU needs to stop
    Yesterday, 23:10

John Badrick

If May continues to be cool and damp to the end of the month, will we end up with the first below average month for quite some time? And is this the start of a downward trend a change from warm, above average temps to cool, below average resulting in a very cold winter 2015/16
Yesterday, 08:45
  • Mokidugway's Photo
    Wouldn't mind a summer first !!!.
    Yesterday, 15:59
  • IanR's Photo
    the switch was flicked to the 'warm' setting in july 2013, it has been generally above average since bar a a couple of months here and there, only a matter of time before the weather god says enough is enough and flicks it back to the 'cool' setting for a while
    Yesterday, 20:34
  • Summer of 95's Photo
    Summer of 95
    The flip that started the 2007-12 Summerless period happened in May, after a very sunny April. Oh dear...
    Yesterday, 22:07


Almost made it seven weeks and a half term and Bubs is sick today. So i'm still nursing a cough she brought home and now at some point i will get that bug as well. Change the laws to make it easier for parents to be off with sick children PLEASE!
Yesterday, 07:03


God, after 7 years tomorrow is my last day at high school/sixth form (it was a combined school). Bloody frightening!
May 20 2015 17:59
  • Dami's Photo
    I left school 24 years ago. I was already working part time so I just went from college into full time where I was. Hated school was glad to be out.
    May 20 2015 20:36
  • legritter's Photo
    time flies ,enjoy it ,treasure it ,every tomorrow will be a yesterday ,46 yrs since i left school .and thats frightening ,cheeers all .
    May 20 2015 23:16
  • On_Hiatus's Photo
    10 years ago for me, at the ripe old age of 15.. since my birthday was in august
    Yesterday, 00:02


Will it even breach 20C here this May? June isn't looking great either. Starring to feel really annoyed with this RUBBISH weather. Just one week of sun & warmth, is that too much to ask? Absolutely disgusting, starting to make me feel depressed
May 20 2015 15:10
  • Mokidugway's Photo
    But they get snnnoooowwwwww:).....
    May 20 2015 20:57
  • Ilovethesnow's Photo
    remember summer isn't really until July, cannot expect much may/june
    Yesterday, 06:38
  • Bottesford's Photo
    We've had it 'relatively' cool. But nothing like you guys. My lowest maximum this month has been 14.5c the next lowest 15.9c. Daily averages range from 11.2c to 19.3c. But I am 5th floor city centre however (but shaded sensor).
    Yesterday, 08:03