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  1. Another stunning winters day with plenty of sunshine, the ever strengthening February sun lifting temperatures up to 7.5c this afternoon after a low of 1.3c overnight. Colder air moving in over the weekend though so highs probably a few degrees lower with overnight frost. 
  2. GEFS looking similar to the latter stages of the ECM. After many let downs I'm not getting my hopes up just yet! Although it is looking cold into next week with some frost & snow chances which is better than can be said for much of this winter!    ECM  day 10 OP  GEFS day 10 mean 
  3. Nice sunset earlier, turning chilly now down to 2.7c after a high of 6.8c this afternoon.    
  4. Well that's just cursed any chances! Highly doubt we'll be seeing any scenes like that photo in the tweet, more like a wash out lol 
  5. Some parts of Scotland have had nearly 10cm of snow overnight & this morning!    
  6. Another light frost this morning, just got down to 0c. Currently 1.4c with light winds and mainly clear skies. 
  7. Long way off but that would deliver snow for much of the region as a front moves into cold air. Just for fun!
  8. Really nice winters day and plenty of sunshine but chilly with a high of 6.5c earlier, currently 5.3c. Some cold weather over the coming days & into next week feeling more seasonal with frost & ice.  These are midday temps so a bit chillier at dawn. Dry for many which is good news after the soggy winter so far. This would be a raw day.
  9. Great winters day with loads of sunshine for a change! Very cheery, slight frost this morning which has been a rare occurrence this winter. Currently 6.5c with light winds. 
  10. Not a bad afternoon after this mornings rain with scattered cloud and some sunny breaks, quite chilly with a high of 6.3c so far and it looks like getting colder still in the coming days, maybe even a frost or two! I'll be more than happy with some dry & bright late winter days. 
  11. Very wet day on and off with some torrential showers at times and feeling cool with a max of 6.4c, a bit breezy. 
  12. Storm Imogen

    Centre of Imogen now sitting between Scotland and Norway with the tighter gradient moving across Southern England for the next few hours or so.
  13. Storm Imogen

    Hi res NetWx-SR gusts charts for this afternoon, peak for the next few hours with gusts of 50-60mph before the winds moderate towards late afternoon.
  14. Storm Imogen

    Yeah up to 60mph seems nearer the mark away from exposed coasts, Isle of Portland 79mph and the Isle Of Wight 69mph just recently. GFS does tend to over do inland wind speeds a tad, best sticking to hi res models when in range. 
  15. Storm Imogen

    Can't see any of the GFS' 65-70mph gust predictions inland yet across southern England, 40-50mph quite widely and there are a few stations recording 50-60mph. Strongest winds so far have been across S/SW Wales, North Devon and along the exposed south coast, as expected in the amber warning zone.