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  1. I read in the Storm Imogen thread that a roof was blown off and landed further down the line.  The Station became overcrowded and then closed?
  2. And as I explained in depth earlier (many times), you took it completely out of context.  We were talking about how the storm felt, the ambience of it.   "I know, I keep telling myself that it'll just be a normal storm but this one feels different. That "otherness" which, looking back, I can remember on the eve of the 1987. Maybe I've just had too much red wine though. " Me:  " I know what you mean by feeling it could become possibly close"   The very short banter was how we thought it felt different to other storms in the past because it was so fierce last night.  That's where I was going with it anyway.  Not once did I think it would be like 1987 of which I remember very well which is why I stated that "I doubt if it will be like 87" <---- you keep glossing over that bit. Sorry to confuse you but you took me way out of context.  And the guy I was talking too.  In fact the whole conversation.  But... you know that. Please can you stop quoting me in future as you totally misunderstood me. Thanks.
  3. I'm working   My colleagues are looking at me wondering why i've got steam coming out of my ears - they'd find it hilarious if they actually knew the weather was the reason why!! I'm up near brighton station, on the 7th floor - it's wild out there - looking forward to the school run.
  4. To be honest I don't care what you think.  I am not so stupid as to be so bold as to say it was going to be 1987 again as i'd open myself up to people like you.  There are too many of them about.
  5. i'm glad you understand - it was a *feeling* of danger looming.
  6. Try to understand the context like 99% of people do here.
  7. And you grabbed hold of that?  Give me a break.  
  8. Let me tell you, at no point did I think it would be akin to 1987.  It was a mere feeling that it was going to be pretty rough out there today bearing in mind I had not experience wind and rain like I did last night in many years.  It was foreboding.  A feeling.  And I stated that VERY clearly. Above all that, it was banter.  Read again before you misquote me. The past couple of hours here have been painful to read all because people jump on and twist other peoples quotes.  Zzzzzzzz
  9.   I totally resonate. Occasionally it's a constant roar. It makes me want to stay up to see what happens. I doubt if it will be like 87 (if it is no doubt I'll wake up) but I know what you mean by feeling it could possibly become close
  10. And to think we are not even in the met office warning zone yet. things became a little quiet for 20 mins or so but boy is it coming back! Wind is pounding outside and the rain is the heaviest it's been all evening. Got to refresh the radar!
  11. I'm sleepy but am curious about all this heading towards us so will wait, glued to radars. Im glad I've found like minded people who understand.. My friends never have!
  12. Quite an impressive one has just left Guernsey and is powering over the channel at an impressive rate too
  13. What's also quite crazy is that the Met Office has the yellow and amber warning valid from 3am Monday morning - hasn't even kicked in yet. Just noticed that they extended the Amber to cover all the south coast now.
  14. Apparently Southern Ireland have reported gusts up to 90mph!  That's nuts - coming this way too!