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  1.   I totally resonate. Occasionally it's a constant roar. It makes me want to stay up to see what happens. I doubt if it will be like 87 (if it is no doubt I'll wake up) but I know what you mean by feeling it could possibly become close
  2. And to think we are not even in the met office warning zone yet. things became a little quiet for 20 mins or so but boy is it coming back! Wind is pounding outside and the rain is the heaviest it's been all evening. Got to refresh the radar!
  3. I'm sleepy but am curious about all this heading towards us so will wait, glued to radars. Im glad I've found like minded people who understand.. My friends never have!
  4. Quite an impressive one has just left Guernsey and is powering over the channel at an impressive rate too
  5. What's also quite crazy is that the Met Office has the yellow and amber warning valid from 3am Monday morning - hasn't even kicked in yet. Just noticed that they extended the Amber to cover all the south coast now.
  6. Apparently Southern Ireland have reported gusts up to 90mph!  That's nuts - coming this way too!
  7. I've lived here at the highest point in Brighton for 18 months now and never known constant wind strengths like this. Also upgrades for coldies on the pub run!!
  8. Storm Imogen

    Shoreham Airport is around 55mph.  I have had to bring my table and chairs in from the balcony for the first time since I moved in 18 months ago.  It is pretty fierce.  I am at the very highest point in Brighton.
  9. Storm Imogen

    That is my new favourite toy!
  10. 44kts recorded at Shoreham Beach so far (51mph) - it's really blowing a hoolie out there - love it!!
  11. We all want to see snow, that's why we are here.  This is a great place to be to share excitement of a common interest. I got excited because the met office update was a development for me. Much rather when people say *bank* when they see a chart they like for their area. its all good fun and I'm sure no matter wherever the snow falls, we will all be able to say we had a fun night tonight
  12. Not long until we find out
  13. For not getting it right in the first place?   edit: even if indeed it's right now
  14. Updated Met Office warning to include. Brighton and Hove !!