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  1. Premier League Discussion

     There's still a way to go yet so who knows, but spurs look solid.. I hope Leicester win the league though, respect to Ranieri for what he has done so far.
  2. Premier League Discussion

    What you talking about?!.. wasn't you the one doubting if spurs could finish in the top four without buying another striker?
  3. It's snowing again medium size flakes 
  4. This one I took earlier but I can hear a lot of dripping now :| 
  5. I've just got up to go to the toilet and wow! Everything is white outside :-D
  6. I've just managed to get my lazy butt up to do a snow check and can now confirm it has been snowing with a slight dusting on pavements and cars
  7. spurs got lucky- that was never deliberate 
  8. Premier League Discussion

    Liverpool want Berahino ...
  9. Premier League Discussion

    I think they're capable.. They have a strong, tough to beat mentality and if they keep winning..who knows? Anything is possible. By the way.. I think Berahino is overrated. 
  10. We had snow but it didn't settle. This is my sisters front garden in Warlingham just up the road from me.
  11. Major Hurricane Patricia

      I remember that, i was only nine at the time and I thought the world was coming to an end.. this is twice as bad.  
  12. Do you believe in Father Christmas :0...

    Tbh I did believe when I was younger.. Fool! :-))
  13. Do you believe in Father Christmas :0...

    No.. The question is.. How many in here that don't believe in God dress up as santa or bring their kids to meet him? My kids understand that me and mum buy all their presents.
  14. Premier League Discussion

    Klopp is my preference but any of the top three will do.
  15. Premier League Discussion

    I'm not surprised.. He spent a lot of money and not won anything.