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  1. Always pondered how our climate would be if the earth was simply spinning the other direction. Would we have sea ice in winter? Then  sit watching the models in hope that  the mild Westerly in FI verifies. How hot and thundery would the summer be with the flow off the continent?  
  2. You wait till it snows you will have to juggle the laptop and the lamppost
  3. We must be at risk of lamppost fatigue...... Edit just seen three more flakes!
  4. Just seen two flakes in the lampost light 
  5. Good to hear for everyone south of you :-)
  6. Lol yes  only 5 mins from A1 here and been right under precipitation on radar but bone dry and cloudy
  7. Been under the precipitation on radar for an hour now but not a flake here.    
  8. Model Output Discussion - 05/01/2016 18z onwards

    Thanks just downloaded this and it's great!
  9. Getting some tools from shed for work tomorrow!
  10. Really gusting now, just had to cut the top off a small tree in garden as it was about to blow over.
  11. From the first distant memory of winter 78/79 to Feb 1991 in Essex, these events have put me on the scale at 10. Not a week goes by without the thought of relocating from the flats of Cambs, to somewhere with better elevation, but at the moment financial constraints are limiting this. There is something magical about sitting at home on a winter's evening, with the kids around the fire, and snow falling outside. Have even considered having a holiday in the Peak District in winter, in the hope that it may snow whilst there!
  12. Proper autumn weather out there now, the rain is at an angle, leaves are swirling in the gusty wind and the wind chimes in the garden are clanging like crazy church wedding bells.
  13. Loooool! Look at the strikes in Belgium! Suddenly gone very humid too. http://www.lightningmaps.org/realtime
  14. Good stuff may get some fireworks tonight!