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  1. You mean exactly like the post you replied to mine with? Contradiction at its absolute finest. 
  2. "May 2016 is certain to be wet and chilly" Ah. So you write for the express. Can I borrow your crystal ball? I'd like to check the lottery numbers whilst I'm forecasting 15 weeks ahead. 
  3. Frequent showers of rain, hail and snow. Feels cold. 
  4. Oops! Late 7.0C for me please. 
  5. The clock on this 'winter' is ticking. 28 days left. The best seasons will soon be upon us! Warm sunshine, long days and short nights. Bye bye 'winter', you've been a pain. 

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    2. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      warm sunshine we hope!

    3. Mokidugway


      Can't argue about that:yahoo:

    4. AWD


      Warm sunshine, what's this warm sunshine we speak of?

  6. I'd be so angry if it was cold enough for snow. The mountains are making short work of this 'ex-storm'. Rain shadow effect in full force. It's been dry all day here. Enjoy your rain everyone haha!
  7. Make me laugh you do.  Models show mild and you're all over it posting more than anyone They show cold and you hide 
  8. I wonder if we will ever get a snowstorm 

    1. Mokidugway


      No you won't........

    2. Daniel*


      Yes one day....perhaps not to the scale east coast is seeing 

    3. Mokidugway


      Skegness got snow !!!!!:drunk-emoji:

  9. Jesus it feels cold today. 1.5C at the warmest time of day. If it was clear, tonight would be FREEEEEEEEZING
  10. Those keeping an eye on that band coming from the SW are going to be sensationally disappointed. That's rain all the way. DPs not conductive. 
  11. The light snow will just of been all the moisture in the air. This heavier stuff is the slowest moving, tiniest little shower I've ever seen on the radar haha the GFS can suck a lemon. No wonder the Met don't use it. New hi-res upgrade has made it worse
  12. Just woke up. Snowing heavily with big flakes!
  13. There's about 2-2.5cm of snow on the car now! Built up quickly  hope it lasts till morning. It's still snowing now!
  14. Nothing on radar. Snowing heavy! Class! Haha!