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  1. Think the precip is both coming from the band being pushed SE and also from convective showers from light winds off N Sea looking at wind vectors. All showing as snow but not to hopeful of anything meaningful for NE. Would like to be proved wrong of course.
  2. Yeah the low is very slowly moving south and producing snow on it's northern flank, so you should be in luck before midday I would think if temps hold down. You can see from screenshots it took 12hrs just to get to T&W
  3. I guess the forecasters did say 8am was the sweet time and they were right for our area. It's so sticky as it's ppn from a swirling low over the n.sea which is aiding it's stickiness. The low centre has taken 12 hrs to move from Glasgow to Darlo so is so slow moving which can only be good for us and those south of us.
  4. Was expecting the drive downhill from 232 m to 20m to see the snow turn to rain but was surprised it pepped up and traffic down to 10mph on a1 so easily settling even at low level. 
  5. The low looks to be moving south east to me and very slowly indeed. Hopefully will pep up in next few hours. You can see the centre moving through but it took over 4 hours to move just over 150 miles in my estimate. The centre should pass through about 3am and as it does it is sucking ppn from the north sea and dumping it as snow. Keep the faith. Edit: up for work and is now snowing but the smallest of flakes struggling to settle. 0630: flakes a lot bigger now and blowing in the strengthening wind, a light dusting but could cause trouble on roads on higher ground as it's a slushy mess atm 0750: Just drove from Consett to gosforth and it's horrendous. Huge 50p flakes even at low levels. A1  v slow moving. Take it easy out there    
  6. Yeah, back to rain here, Grrrr. Still early doors I guess.
  7. Just starting to snow here, mixture of sleet but big wet snowflakes in between. A good start.
  8. Good to hear the cold shot has kick started. With the cold coming in and the ground cold from today should settle easy. The freezing temps going through to next week will keep the snow in place so hopefully will look like a winter wonderland for some time. It was nice to be able to walk the dogs without sinking into the swampy fields. The map shows the snow moving in turning readily to sleet initially. Bring it on 
  9. But isn't that playing catch up. They said positive anomolies throughout Jan only 6 days ago and only last night did they start mentioning more merely a cold spell. Yesterday's daytime referred to a short spell, which admittedly changed last night. I'm not playing devils advocate just saying as I have seen it play out this last week.
  10. Whilst I agree they have a duty to remain cautious and not hopecast. I mainly refer to the bullish post from new years eve and every different bbc presenter since then seems to have a different spin on the upcoming cold spell. I know models change several times a day and their tv broadcasts reflect this, but I am mainly referring to the bullish comment made merely 6 days ago. It's easy to forecast average, slightly above average, slightly below average. I just feel that they fall down with extremities.
  11. All I'm saying knocker is that the meto were very bullish writing January off with positive anomalies throughout, and only a few hours after this post, the models picked up on the current signals, but yet they still are bullish about not mentioning the possibilities that lie only a few days ahead. To me that is a very unreliable service. Oh and I don't get paid millions to do so.
  12. I decided last night to revisit the mod from 6 days ago when we lost our bbc spokesman as I had seen a couple of posts mention the loss but this must have passed me by. However, it is laughable the tone of the posts just 6 days ago, mainly brought on by a post from the famed met models, writing January off. Personally, In hindsight to make such a post minutes before the midnight bells and now to be proved so wrong says it all. This is not getting at the poster who was just passing info on, but calling the meto out on their mid and long term thoughts. They continue to get it wrong and very much play catch up these days. At least with storms there pretty much nailed and they can at least prove their worth by putting out warnings. EDIT: and now names Jay Winn even said yesterday's, 'luckily' the cold will be short lived. Obvs they prefer the wet and windy weather as easier to forecast and warrants the taxes we pay them. Think this is the main reason people use sites like this, to get a view of the weather which isn't necessarily on the doorstep and there is no agenda on here. Seriously, if you get the chance read through the thread from 1st Jan (pg 6 onwards) and remember for future ref, things can and do change quickly in weather terms.    
  13. Model Output Discussion - 05/01/2016 18z onwards

    Amen, brother, v passionate Lorenzo and thanks for all the hard work of the forecasting team  I guess as we understand more about the weather above and below, the more of a broth it is to pick the bones out of, so hat's off
  14. Model Output Discussion - 05/01/2016 18z onwards

    Remember night owls, Jack Frost wont come if your still awake. So I know who to blame if it goes Pete tong . I expect many small changes in the next few runs as the outlandish synoptics currently forming move into the reliable, so to expect constant upgrades would be a miracle so personally I'm not too hung up. I was actually going to take a break today after yesterday's headaches but so glad I didn't as I would have missed today's excitement. It really is addictive, this hobby of ours 
  15. Model Output Discussion - 05/01/2016 18z onwards

    As many on here who followed the Nov/Dec 10 charts will recall for weeks the FI charts were constantly trying to break down the cold (especially gfs) but it didn't transpire, apart from a small blip, for what seemed like months of models. As Hammond on bbc said earlier, once a very cold or very hot pattern sets in it can take a while to shift and I'd be surprised they even mentioned this without there models now flipping to the same hymn sheet, as we know they are v cautious at mid term predictions.