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  1. Conditions here in the peaks have been abysmal all day, consistent torrential rain since 2pm leading to run-off from the fields overflowing onto main roads. Around Dove Holes the fields resemble a reservoir at times and in Whaley Bridge along the A6 there's a local conduit river completely overflowing at knee-depth height onto the road.  Still more rain yet to come too, Imogen may not have brought the gales but she's sure brought the rain here.
  2. Can't say i've ever seen two S-shaped squalls within the same vicinity before over any part of the UK. Both of which will be causing exceptional SLW gusts and precipitation. Likelyhood of a Tornado or two from these along the top and bottom areas of the squall-line.
  3. Storm Imogen

    To think a shift just 50 miles north would put more populated areas of England bang-on in the higher gusts windfield. Already got some strong gusts hitting the window here ahead of Imogen, and we're 100+ miles north of Birmingham.
  4. Nice unexpected squall-line passing here currently, I wasn't anticipating the wind and rain picking up that much tonight for the brief time that it has.
  5. Well it's only a 45min journey from Piccadilly to Buxton on the trains, which are still running  a good 4in of snow up on the tops around town.
  6. A53 Leek Road, A54 Congleton Road and A537 Cat & Fiddle Road & A57 Snake Pass road are all reporting CLOSED Winnats Passis blocked, slipping cars are blocking both ways. 4x4 are stuck too.
  7. Still a few more showers to come off the Fylde coast for the Pennines, but there's a good 3cm out in the garden here.
  8. Perking up over the Irish sea now as expected, a case of seeing how far inland the band/s of ppn make it.
  9. Looking towards Ireland and already the morning's snow is on the way, and plenty of it to come too with the irish sea temps likely to ramp-up any PPN as it moves inland towards the Fylde coast.
  10. Just about caught one Nacreous cloud overhead of Sheffield before the sun fully sets this eve, a very small (and less contrast) cloud compared to many i've seen taken the past 24hr. Nonetheless it's still a Nacreous cloud so I can't complain.
  11. Sleet is already falling here, and it's 12hrs earlier than the suggested time of 5am tomorrow morning that the beeb forecasted for the colder pool of air to be in-situ across the north.
  12. Storm Henry

    With the cold air still up above it'll be worth getting up early in the morning for most, as there's a good chance the nacreous clouds will still be around.
  13.   Be quite a sight for a passenger, crabbing into the wind, and seeing the runway going to the side of the window.
  14. Beginning to settle here too but I don't see it being anything more than a few cm accumulated on the tops, 
  15. Snow for the second time today, meto has us down for ice later on tonight when the skies clear.