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  1. well I tried to say, I wanted to delete the pictures and just leave the words from IDO, hey ho, no doubt its me. One version of what the 6-10 day and further out may hold but not the only one. In the 6-15 day time frame colder rather than cool is the word I would use if they 500mb anomaly charts I use are correct. I would trust them more than most other outputs in that time frame.
  2. the weather in Cantley, near Doncaster   A fairly mild month but with a coldish spell 17-21st giving a mean of 2.1C, also a wet month, the wettest January since 2008.   Mean=8.1 (5.6) Avge Min=3.2 (2.7) Lowest overnight=-3.6(21) and warmest overnight=8.8 (24) Avge Max= 9.6 (8.1) Highest daytime=14.3 (24), lowest daytime=2.6 (17)   Rainfall=56.4 mm the wettest January since 2008, with 12.6 mm on 7th being the wettest; 18 days with 0.2 mm or more and 14 with 1.0 mm or more. 2 days with snow falling but not covering the ground; 4 (11) air frosts and 11 (12) ground frosts. No thunder and 1 day with fog at 0900am (4)
  3. beyond the next 3-4 days and the anomaly charts have over the past 36 hours or so all started to show a marked rifge-trough situation in the UK area with the 500mb flow from n of west. No direct arctic flow, it comes via the Atlantic, but colder rather than milder would be the outlook just using their data.
  4. dry with half cover CuSc and a breeze, after rain/showers last evening and earlier, a low of 5.1C
  5. one poster says 'I don't see any 'mild' in those charts another nothing wintry at all! newcomers can be forgiven for wondering just what is coming out of the models, at this time of the day, it will be GFS folk are talking about. For some sensible ideas read  Singularity, Polar Maritime phil nw. not the only ones but just giving new folk an idea where to look. I would be surprised if at the end of this week some folk in England at quite low levels have not seen at least falling snow, some may even have it lyinf for a time. No great deep prolonged cold but it, to me, is looking colder overall than for a while? The models as always will come and go so to speak with timings and positions, details etc but as move towards, whichever T+00 you are interested in they WILL converge. Forecasting snow rather than rain is very very complex so don't expect the forecasts, model or TV folk, to be right all the time for your locality. Fun watching things develop and it is looking like being a really interesting week for meteorology in many forms, so enjoy it folks.
  6. A dry sunny start with total blue sky makes a nice change, the lowest at 3.6C so far, a pretty wet evening yesterday but no rain after midnight.
  7. very sad breaking news
  8. bet you are wrong, based on the law of averages!
  9. You could be right Dave, it was fun  to do and a lot joined in and seemed to enjoy it. Maybe someone might like to take something like that up again? It would be nice to get back to a more free and easy Net Wx, recently it does seem to have got rather personal and unpleasant at times.
  10. re this Perhaps what we need on this site is an ongoing competition whereby a date is selected at a months distance and all forecasts ( temp and wind vector) for a specific weather station ( for confirmation purposes) need to be in at least 3 weeks before the date selected.  I doubt many would attempt it though Some years ago this type of forecast competition was run, cannot remember how many days ahead but it was good fun.  
  11. I do wonder how folk appear to love having a dig. At the end of it all forecasting is a wonderful art based on science. Unless a forecast leads to injury or death then so what. Some forecasts, believe it or not can have very serious implications believe me, I've been there.
  12. if only I could mate. Still it was not bad in the Jungfrau area in spite of the 'heat', 10C at 4500ft-never seen that before nor 7C at 8000ft. The snow stayed good on piste down to around 5000ft.
  13. Heavy snow in Buxton, Derbyshire, during winter of 1947

    Incredible photo of the small village and Wanted Inn as it is now called of Sparrowpit.
  14. Yes the blue skies are over much of the Alps, I watched some the the women's downhill from Garmisch on the web. Great views from my area also. Fabulous snow conditions again for many and ? perhaps a decent 7-10 days coming up for many resorts? Lovely phot there Paul-where is everyone?