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  1. Premier League Discussion

    Well, blimey.
  2. Premier League Discussion

    Thank heavens for that, I was debating putting a tenner on a 0-0 before the game.
  3. Premier League Discussion

    Chelsea v United is fast becoming a waste of a TV fixture.
  4. Storm Imogen

    I've been on the phone to Network Rail a lot the past few days warning of the worst winds over Devon and Cornwall so you should get your wish!
  5. Storm Imogen

    Ah I see. Seems to be a bit haphazard with the namings at times. Certainly going to be the strongest storm of the season for inland southern England anyway, should be an interesting night/Monday!
  6. Storm Imogen

    Has storm Imogen actually been named? The Met Office website has nothing on its page yet. Although it certainly warrants a name.
  7. The GFS removing the snow risk for Tuesday is simply it moving into line with the rest of the model output. Don't really see anything to suggest it would bring it back.
  8. Unfortunately science doesn't care for what you believe!
  9. GFS -v- everyone else regarding that potential event on Tuesday. And even the GFS has it the most marginal of marginal of situations, snow accumulations would largely be limited to higher ground.
  10. Premier League Discussion

    I'd have been delighted if you told me at the start of the season Spurs would win the title, but now with Leicester top, you're the big baddie Such a refreshing change at the top, long may it continue. So good for football, I don't care what Richard Scudamore et al think. Bring on Leicester v Barcelona in the Champions League...
  11. Things that tick you off?

    I hope your reply was "Thankfully not"? 
  12. Premier League Discussion

    Ok I'll concede, we're in trouble. Huge trouble.
  13. Premier League Discussion

    Villa winning too. They're going to survive aren't they...
  14. Premier League Discussion

    22% possession and no shots on target against a team in the relegation zone. Cowardly, pathetic and unacceptable.