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  1. Blimey that shower turned properly to sleet at just 26m in Devon, the first this winter! The next hurdle is getting proper snow..
  2. Storm Imogen

    For how much the local news (didn't see the national news) is bigging this up, I must have been relatively sheltered (I am in a valley and downstream of Dartmoor, so that may explain it) as some gusts were slightly above your usual 'windy day' level, but not properly stormy. 2 gusts on my weather station of 42 mph were the highest it got, and I am bordered by fields to my west. 2 days ago I had 45mph. It was probably gusting at 60+ on top of a nearby hill that reaches near 250m though, and I was in Exmouth a couple hours ago where it seems half the beach is on the road (sand several inches deep), and there are drifts up to about 2 feet.. though a fair amount of this had been done before today.
  3. Pretty windy but not really anything abnormal here, gusting in the 30's on my station, top gust today 40mph, and 41mph last night. However Exeter Airport reported 66mph earlier and again 58mph just now. Did go up to a local hill at near 250m earlier though, must have been gusting 60+ at times. Edit: edged up to 42mph now.  
  4. Varying between a gentle breeze and a normal 'windy' day with gusts up to 37mph so far. However Exeter Airport just reported 66mph (only 5 miles away to my WNW). odd. Seems It's all about location and topography.
  5. Storm Imogen

    Hmm, Barney missed me down here other than a normal windy day, and tomorrow is forecast to have gusts of '60-70mph widely and up to 80mph on the coasts' by the Met Office/BBC, considerably higher locally at least. Seems the Met Office forecasts are a tad higher than GFS and GFS-based models so we shall see.. Anyway been a while since we've had winds that strong from the west here, at least several years. The Met seem concerned enough for Amber at any rate.
  6. Seems a bit high, I see they had an average of 65 knots/75 mph too.. Hurricane force, can't be right surely
  7. Got to 26mm for the day now, wind eased off a little. Streams quite high and river out onto parts of the floodplain now, though not too major. Intense squall/line segment went slightly east of here up the Axe valley (they never seem to hit here full on for some reason). Never particularly heavy apart from short bursts here, highest fall in 1 hour was only 3.3mm today.
  8. Gusting 60 kts (69 mph) at Rame Head (just SW of Plymouth) http://www.nci-ramehead.org.uk/weather/Current_Monitor.htm and the River Dart is hiiigh... http://www.farsondigitalwatercams.com/locations/buckfastleigh  
  9. Wind really getting up here, with light-moderate rain and drizzle too. Had a gust of 45mph on my station, just higher than anything last year. But surprised Devon and some of Cornwall isn't in the wind warning as it looks at least as strong here from anything I can see including on the Met Office forecast map. Though I'm in the Amber rain warning and it's all going west (though looks like getting heavier), seems the warnings are a touch too far east?  
  10. Looking at the radar, it looks all a bit too far west for much of interest rain wise here, so was a little surprised the just issued Amber warning includes us. Maybe it will slide/build east a bit..
  11. I was going to post that I saw the exact same thing driving from Exeter to Exmouth today! Already intense green young leaves out there turning the hedge green.. Also what looked like one on the boundary of a friends garden (in Ottery), certainly something with fresh green leaves (but didn't go out in the drizzle to check). Their magnolia had a few flowers starting to come out too.
  12. Looks like some quite troublesome rainfall totals tomorrow from what I can see, with the suggestion that narrow intense line segments may track over the same areas for a while... e.g. the 00z Euro4 GFS and more so ECM seem to have it a touch further west. I wonder if the Met Office warning could go amber?
  13. Summer 2013/14 weren't bad at all, nor winters 2009/10, 2010/11 and 2012/13. Hopefully it is just a rut/cluster of bad winters and things will change at some point.
  14. Wow, very nice Mapantz! Not a bad day here, quite windy with some showery bits this morning with a gust of 38mph just after 12. Otherwise a fair bit of sunshine, and only near average temperatures (blimey). Max 8.7c, min last night 2.0c Currently 1.6c
  15. To add to that, 1987-8 in April. and, it isn't out of 140 years, because I only counted years classed as 'little', there will be many others if I counted them all! It looks like there are 55 winters classed as 'little' and as 28 of those mention March or April for 'Months with noteable falls, it seems like virtually half of those actually did have notable falls in March.  19 referred to the 'some outstanding features' section. I don't think that page states whether they lasted longer than 48 hours or not so none of us can use it to measure such.. I don't want to seem overly argumentative, but I must be missing something (sorry if I am). Is it not more to do with the fact that it's rare for there to be no notable snowfall before spring? I can only find 4 years in total where no notable snow is listed in the months before March. So actually, 3/4 did provide snow (2 in March, 1 in April)? So, if I have added up correctly.. That page says there are only 4 years where no 'notable' snow is listed before March (1881-2, 1884-5, 1987-8 and 1991-2) Of those, 3 then gave snow in either March or April (1881-2 the exception). There are however, 6 other years with nothing notable in the winter months (But something in Oct or Nov), These are 1895-6, 1898-9, 1904-5, 1910-11, 1974-5, and 1988-9. Only 1895-6 did not then have snow listed in the spring months. 5/6 did. Therefore 8/10 winters with no snow in the winter months gave snow in Spring. This sample size is too low to properly determine this, but ignoring that, I can use the same page to argue the opposite, and say it is common for there to be snow in spring following a winter with very little snow. But anyway, from my experience of our climate, it is not unusual to have notable falls of snow in Spring in places. So we may have to agree to disagree