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  1. A small selection of the Weather Online UK - Peak gusts [mph] as of 2pm     Pembrey Burrows (6 m)83 mph Mumbles (32 m)81 mph Scilly St Mary (30 m)81 mph RNAS Culdrose (84 m)80 mph Isle of Portland (52 m)80 mph Jersey Airport (84 m)76 mph Aberdaron (94 m)75 mph Milford Haven (32 m)75 mph Guernsey Airport (101 m)74 mph Camborne (88 m)71 mph Aberporth (134 m)71 mph Royal Marines Base Chivenor (6 m)71 mph Cardinham (199 m)71 mph St. Catherine's Point (24 m)70 mph Thorney Island (3 m)69 mph Shoreham Airport (2 m)68 mph St Athan (49 m)68 mph Langdon Bay (117 m)66 mph Plymouth MtBatten (50 m)66 mph RAF Holbeach (2 m)66 mph Exeter Airport (30 m)66 mph Capel Curig (215 m)65 mph Alderney Channel Is (71 m)63 mph Filton (59 m)63 mph Liscombe (347 m)62 mph Lake Vyrnwy (359 m)62 mph Newquay Cornwall Airport (103 m)62 mph Farnborough (64 m)61 mph Sennybridge (307 m)61 mph RAF Odiham (118 m)60 mph MoD Boscombe Down (126 m)60 mph   Some gusts around the low 60s in my neck of the woods now so slowly but surely I would think the strongest gusts are transferring Eastwards as expected. Will be a while until it is relative calm again though I would think.    Top gust as per my Davis 46mph at 13:52GMT. As I'm well sheltered, especially to the South, I usually have to add around 10mph to those figures which ties in nicely with official reports.
  2. That's called picking HOLES. You'll be fine, trust me!   Here, take this olive branch, quick though it might blow away but then again so will the snow.   
  3. Very few inland sites picking up strong gusts of such a strength as to cause too much structural damage from what I've noted via weather online. However, with the worse yet to come and the longevity of the winds (only easing to nearer calm overnight) we should see many a tree and tree branch down. Take care out there.
  4. A small selection of the UK - Peak gusts [mph] as per up to 9am.   Scilly St Mary (30 m)81 mph Mumbles (32 m)81 mph RNAS Culdrose (84 m)80 mph Pembrey Burrows (6 m)77 mph Jersey Airport (84 m)76 mph Aberdaron (94 m)75 mph Guernsey Airport (101 m)74 mph Cardinham (199 m)71 mph Camborne (88 m)71 mph Aberporth (134 m)71 mph Isle of Portland (52 m)70 mph Thorney Island (3 m)69 mph Milford Haven (32 m)68 mph Shoreham Airport (2 m)68 mph St Athan (49 m)68 mph Exeter Airport (30 m)66 mph Langdon Bay (117 m)66 mph Royal Marines Base Chivenor (6 m)66 mph Plymouth MtBatten (50 m)66 mph RAF Holbeach (2 m)66 mph St. Catherine's Point (24 m)65 mph
  5. Good point, didn't know that was the case. Worth noting their Temperatures are projected town and city Temperatures too. 
  6. I know this debate over whether we are set to get what is described as cold or average Temperatures this coming week could run and run and in truth, let's all just wait and see what happens. I certainly favour an outlook where we will have an increasing chances of seeing the phrases "hill snow", "marginality" and "transient" wintriness becoming the buzzwords in impending forecasts. The only downer I perceived from viewing the Countryfile forecast (in truth this needs to be discussed elsewhere) was that the Temperatures were largely average with a spread of 3 to 4 far North to 8s, 9s and 10s down South, which is nothing BUT average, sadly.    I would suggest however that the timing of precipitation and those heavy showery bands is paramount and at times, ICE will be a more pressing issue outside of the very windy and stormy events in time for the morning commute. Plenty to ponder for the professional forecasters and it is in times like these that just a couple of degrees either way can make all the difference between us receiving plain ole rain or something more magical. I wish those in a forecasting job this coming week all the best of luck. 
  7. Ahem......... back to pictures and talk of impending weather events please... If one is out and about getting see some nice footage please be sure to take care out there when doing so.    All the best   Imogen gottolovethisweather (your Regional Forum Host)
  8. Probably speculating and weighing up the risk probabilities of disruption from 70mph to 80mph gusts versus some temporary non-lying (? not so sure with elevation on one's side) wet slushy wintry bits. I may well be playing the potential down there though. After tomorrow's fun and games we will certainly know more about our chances for those magical white crystals.
  9. For wintry prospects, I would keep a keen eye on next Tuesday night as therein lies some hope, more especially for those with elevation on their side as ever. 
  10. Thanks for this Knocker, some nasty weather incoming, albeit quite fascinating too for those not caught up in its effects or safely watching from a distance. 
  11. Hello all.   I needn't add any more to what has been said elsewhere in these forums or via the media outlets I guess, but I'd suggest people take things steady tomorrow. Storm Imogen has the potential to be quite a nasty one, bringing a true gale day to many of us and many more hours of rain to come alongside the winds, flooding being inevitable.   Here is the UKMO's take on proceedings via their blog.  
  12. The next few weeks will be of interest for those of us who are snow-starved, although I have a feeling we might have to put up with periods of brief wintriness rather than anything prolonged and sustained. Nevertheless it will be a fascinating watch as the models toy around with the prospects of a wintry mix for some, plain ole rain for others, I wouldn't be surprised if blizzards and thundersnow weren't in the mix either.    Even before all of those wintry prospects, tomorrow looks a potentially nasty day for those of us in mainland and Southern England with winds and rain being the headline makers. Take care out there tomorrow guys n gals. 
  13. I don't do the lottery.  Besides, what control do I have over the weather, I can't control myself sometimes. kjfkkkfrJkwerkeflkjaj 
  14. Oh dear, my post in the model thread was all but 24 hours on from Countryfile and I had my sights on it, outputs must be changing quite rapidly at the moment, I imagine. Speaking of rapid, the rapid/strong winds are set to return come the end of the week, could be another wild weekend upcoming, so plenty to keep one's interests up.