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  1. Hi are you the same Eugene as was on Everything Weather? 

  2.     No it's not, hopefully a good few years yet, Winter is going to be very cold.
  3. God almighty Richard, move to save your sanity please, Aberdeen isn't the best place to live for the kind of weather you are seeking, it hasn't been that bad of a summer down here.
  4. The Midlands - Weather Chat

        Hope for what?.... Noah's Ark? 
  5.     13C and overcast is hardly warm, lovely though.
  6. Autumn 2015

    Much cooler than what July would give with the same setup, definately feeling autumnal now and mornings/evenings noticeably cooler, all in all very nice indeed without summers excesses, nice autumnal charts on offer too.
  7. The sun is alot weaker than mid summer now so any misty dull weather forming overnight will be much slower to clear, still should see it clear by afternoon though but summer heat in September here needs a very warm airmass which it looks like we'll be lacking this upcoming week.
  8. The Midlands - Weather Chat

    Really enjoying this week, a proper first week to Autumn with lovely fresh air and sunny spells, hardly any rain either, such a relief after horrid muggy damp southwesterlies of July/August that went on forever.
  9. Summer 2015 overviews and opinions

    Can't wait for a 1960's type summer then all those moaning will have something to moan about, this summer was anything but cool, only a handful of coat days at most.
  10. Central heating wow, it's never cold enough in late August for that in central england.
  11.   Yes staines looking potentially very wet again for the south/midlands later Bank Holiday Sunday/Monday before a cool drier Northerly from Tuesday which could be very chilly with cloud cover bubbling up by the afternoon like they usually do in late summer\early autumn, can't see much in the way of warmth at all, already feels fresher now.
  12.   But with it being September and it's a cool high not a Scorcher.
  13. Some fantastic model output tonight with heights rising to our northwest a common theme, we lose this depressing SW'ly routine to be replaced by a much fresher cooler trend with some cool nights possible especially if the high topples.   Much better and for those suffering sleepless nights.
  14. The Midlands - Weather Chat

        The best time of year September to April is almost upon us.
  15. The Midlands - Weather Chat

    I'm tired of these seemingly endless southwesterlies bringing grey overcast weather, hopefully autumn will see more Northerlies and clear HP, it has to end sometime and we're coming to the right time for that.