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  1. Since about mid-January it seems to have been on the dry side if anything - in the NE anyway, and temperatures around average though on the mild side. A winter of two halves since Feb looks similar.
  2. I wonder where they got the 874mm in 24 hours figure, it would be double what the Lake District gauges recorded in December last year.
  3. A distinctly arctic air source, humidity is quite low and dewpoints subzero even though not that cold at 4.5C - snow flurries at times from almost clear sky. Classic late winter/early spring feel.
  4. Fairly normal-ish 59mph peak here so far, but Met office site suggests another spike between 9 and 10am. On the plus side it's drying things up if anything.
  5. It's not exactly cheap, I'd tend to recommend  spending a bit more for the Vantage Vue and logger they based the style on. I'm just wondering what format it logs records which might be incompatible with other systems if it packs up after 2 or 3 years. I do like the idea of connecting direct to wifi so you don't need a computer running to upload. The other models in the range look like the ubiquitous Chinese copies of a Watson WH1080 or whatever.
  6. Interesting Or Unusual Videos & Pictures

  7. So much warmer indoors with minimal heating Not keen on very mild if it's gloomy and damp, but brighter this morning and 10C We only got to 12.7 yesterday, January last year hit 13.9C on the 9th.
  8. From the album North York Moors Weather

    Lion Inn car park - Blakey Ridge, North York Moors.
  9. Cant change default browser on new PC

    It does sound like Firefox will default to yahoo search sometimes, have you considered using chrome? You should be able to change the default search in Firefox like this: Click the 'hamburger' options top right. Select Options From the menu on the left select search. There should be a drop down list with the well known ones. At the bottom is an option to add more search engines, in particular you might want to add google.co.uk rather than google.com. If it keeps reverting there's something else been installed usually as an easily missed checkbox. It should still be possible to switch that off without doing anything drastic though.  
  10. Cant change default browser on new PC

    All a bit strange, never heard of one with Firefox pre-installed. Is it Windows 10? I wouldn't be surprised if that *antivirus* installed and locked in the Yahoo search. If you have W10 with inbuilt Defender, and are reasonably experienced online I can't see much need for Antivirus nowadays. Especially dodgy versions that try to install other stuff when you download.