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  1. Running, Weight Training, Nutrition

    Haha, the race is indeed on! Up to pull ups with a 20kg disc now, and 1 arm pulldowns with 45kg. I'd say the 1 arm pull up is a bit far off though, maybe during the next bulking cycle. Didn't push too hard with the deadlifts today as I've legs tomorrow, just 3 sets of 5 at 100kg, and a set of 4 at 110kg.  
  2. Rugby League / Union 2013 onwards

    Paul O'Connel has announced his retirement, on medical grounds. Guess that injury at the world cup finished him.  
  3. Ireland Regional Weather Chat - 20/11/2015 Onward.

    Gurteen to the north of here is reporting rain on the latest update at 2C. It's just 1.1C here, so hopefully things will be different when the showers arrive in 30 mins or so.
  4. Ireland Regional Weather Chat - 20/11/2015 Onward.

    Heavy snow the last 15 minutes (still going) has given a surprise covering here.
  5. Ireland Regional Weather Chat - 20/11/2015 Onward.

    The 12z has it for 36 hours for many areas north of Clare to Wexford, which means north of me too:( To be fair, if it comes close to what it's showing, any part of the country could get some decent falls. Could be a proper battleground scenario with a front stalling across the island.
  6. Running, Weight Training, Nutrition

    HIIT is known to boost testosterone production too, meaning you can actually gain a little muscle from it, provided you get in plenty of protein afterward. Rapid weight changes can come from a variety of things. Usually when you lose weight quickly (such as the lose 5 pounds in 5 days with this great weight loss trick!), it's a water retention change, rather than a fat or muscle mass change. You store most of your fuel for workouts as glycogen in your muscle and liver. The glycogen carries a lot of water with it, so when you do high intensity cardio, you burn through the glycogen and also loose lots of water weight with it. If you're not eating enough carbs or drinking enough water to replenish your glycogen, you can see rapid short term weight loss. It comes back once you start eating enough again though.
  7. Ireland Regional Weather Chat - 20/11/2015 Onward.

    The 06z GFS showed some parts of Ireland getting close to 48 hours of continuous snowfall this weekend. Shall be interesting to see if the 12z follows that theme.
  8. Running, Weight Training, Nutrition

    I love cardio myself, but my joints tend to less certain about it! While I have little time and while bulking, strength training is taking priority for now. Cardio is clearly far superior in terms of burning calories, and is something I will incorporate more of when I'm cutting. A moderate intensity run can burn over 900kcal in an hour, whereas a decent hour of weight training is more like 350kcal, similar to a brisk walk. I used to be about 16st, which was just about in the obese BMI category. I'm now a little over 12st (up from just under 11st last summer) and have gotten rid of most signs of a belly. I tend to hold more on my hips and lower back than on my gut. Unfortunately there's no way to target fat loss from particular areas of the body. You just have to keep dropping weight and it will eventually come off of everywhere!
  9. Running, Weight Training, Nutrition

    Managed 3 x 10 bench press with 30kg DBs, so hopefully I can move onto the 35kg DBs next time. Also got a 90kg x 2 squat, which while nothing great in general, is ok to me! Weight has changed very little since Christmas, but have definitely put on some muscle and gained in strength, so pretty happy with the progress. Well on track to meet my goals by the end of March.
  10. C.E.T. Forecasts for February 2016

    Minimum today of 4.8C, while maxima look like reaching about 8C, so a drop to 7.4C is likely on tomorrows update. After that, the 06z GFS has the CET at: 7.0C to the 9th (3.9: -0.1) 6.8C to the 10th (4.5: +0.4) 6.5C to the 11th (3.4: -0.8] 6.0C to the 12th (1.0: -3.7) 5.6C to the 13th (0.5: -3.6) 5.1C to the 14th (-1.5: -4.9) 4.6C to the 15th (-1.5: -5.3) 4.5C to the 16th (1.8: -1.9) 4.3C to the 17th (2.0: -1.7)   Potential for some very cold weather later in the week and next weekend. However, the situation is quite marginal and the low minima dependent on snow cover, so a slight change could have the CET values looking very different to what's currently forecast.
  11. Annual CET

    Current rolling annual CET is at 10.40C to January 31st, and (provisionally) at 10.50C to February 6th, the highest value since the 27th of April last year. While quite high, it is well off the record high rolling annual CET values of 11.67C set from the 1st to the 3rd of May 2007.
  12. Ireland Regional Weather Chat - 20/11/2015 Onward.

    Incredible wind/rain and hail here this morning. Neighbours fence blown down, wheelie bins toppled over, and not even a yellow warning!
  13. Ireland Regional Weather Chat - 20/11/2015 Onward.

    Ayahuasca, cool stuff. During the Cork film festival I saw a film about a guy that went off to south America to try Ayahuasca with the local tribes in the Amazon. He was actually there at the showing and answered questions for about 30 minutes after the showing. For the life of me, I can't think of the name of the film though. Did you see the serpent?
  14. Rugby League / Union 2013 onwards

    A fair result between Ireland and Wales I think. Best game so far I think, even the low scoring 2nd half was a fierce battle.
  15. C.E.T. Forecasts for February 2016

    Minimum today is 4.9C while maxima look like being around 10, so 7.7C or 7.8C are likely on tomorrows update. After that, the 06z GFS has the CET at: 7.6C to the 7th (6.9: +2.2) 7.5C to the 8th (6.3: +1.9) 7.2C to the 9th (4.9: +0.9) 6.9C to the 10th (4.8: +0.7) 6.8C to the 11th (5.6: +1.3) 6.4C to the 12th (1.6: -3.1) 6.0C to the 13th (1.0: -3.1) 5.8C to the 14th (4.0: +0.6) 5.6C to the 15th (2.9: -0.9)   A cooler outlook in the medium term, but still likely to be more than 1C above average by mid-month.