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  1. The Midlands - Weather Chat

    Good morning everyone. 7 years ago this week, we had a brilliant return to conditions that many of us thought were gone for good around here. I remember big sighs of relief around all the weather forums. Boy, could we use a week like that now!
  2. I really don't want to give up on this winter yet because we are still only in the first week of February. But with the outlook so grim yet again this morning it really is hard keeping my interest going. I'm almost done with this winter now but will just keep an eye in here...just in case. I fear the enthusiasm and interest entering winter 2016/17 could be very muted on here when November comes around. Looking further in 2016, if I am going to write off this winter..and I am very very close to doing so, I really hope for some decent weather during Spring and Summer. The Atlantic had better give up at some point. It's been a terrible 3 winters for cold and snow lovers like myself. There will be a snowy winter again. 2009 surprised us all after a run of bad winters...1991 did as well on the back of 3 bad ones. 2017 might not be the one but good times will return eventually. For now though, I'll keep a little eye on what the rest of this winter might bring but on the whole, I think it might be in vain.  
  3. A really glum afternoon with regards to various updates from professional forecasters and organisations. I'm such a big supporter of scientific research into long range forecasting and really enjoy seeing the progress made in this field of study over the last 20-30 years. But my goodness... I want it to be so wrong right now!
  4. The Midlands - Weather Chat

    When the last pieces of the snow drifts melted away in March 2013, who knew that would be it for potentially 3 years! They've been some quick, light coverings since but it's appalling really. Best weather events I can recall since that March all include thunder in one form or another.  
  5. I'm not throwing my towel in yet but I will admit that a real possibility of yet another dreadful winter is starting to show it's ugly head. I hope I'm wrong. I have to say that if it does stay this way to the end, then I'm afraid I'll be approaching next winter with no enthusiasm whatsoever. I struggled coming into this one to be honest and my interest in the weather is being killed off significantly at the moment. It's such a shame. The science behind it all still fascinates me but I want to see something actually happen at ground level now.  
  6. The new UK seasons are as follows: January=Autumn February= Autumn March= Spring April= Summer May= Roadworks June= Autumn July= Autumn August= Kids everywhere September= Spring October =Autumn November= Grey December= Pictures of fake winters everywhere     OR, we could just forget about using months and do this: 2000-2006 = Summer 2006-2009= Autumn 2009-2013= Winter 2013- ? = Autumn
  7. Here we are then, the end of January. In review. Highest Temperature: Something in the teens. Lowest Temperature: Think I missed it. Amount of sunshine: Saw more of the other stars at night. Greatest Snow Depth: Whatever can be scraped from the bottom of a barrel. Score out of ten: How do you type small fractions in this font?
  8. The Midlands - Weather Chat

    Bloomin heck, something better happen. I'm hanging onto one clap of thunder in the very early hours of New Year's Eve as the highlight of the winter at the moment. If there's a second one at some point, the excitement levels here in Dudley might just be too much...
  9. Winter is not over! Good grief! You know what our climate is like, the minute we think everything is settled into a pattern, everything suddenly changes and surprises us. No two winters are alike. It's been a very, hard long slog so far this winter but I remember a lot of talk after the hot summers of the early 2000s that hot summers were here to stay. A lot of talk in the late 2000s that lowland snow was becoming impossible in southern England. Mother Nature doesn't fit into the little boxes that some people in here seem to have made for her. Writing off the next week?...yep, I agree with that. Writing off the next 2 weeks?...probably a safe bet. Writing off the next 2 months? No way! Not yet! February and March cold spells can be brilliant. OK, the sun might be a bit higher but it doesn't stop a lot of snow falling...and it can stick around. OK, sometimes it doesn't but it's hardly been doing that in January either has it?
  10. I think what's getting me is that this is the 3rd winter in a row. 2013/14 was annoying but accepted that it does happen and we had just come off a run of good winters. 2014/15 I was starting to think that this is just bad luck now. 2015/16 is just taking the p***. However, I am firmly in the camp of believing that late winter cold spells do deliver, even to the south. I've lived at a far lower latitude than the UK  (Ohio, same latitude as Barcelona) and have seen excellent cold spells there in late February and March. Even a quick fall of deep snow at the end of April once there! So there is hope for change yet this season. I really hope there is because I don't want to enter next winter with no enthusiasm for the weather. Maybe a good summer thunderstorm will save me if that turns out to be the case!
  11. Well it's like anywhere really. When I lived in Columbus, Ohio, we had several inches of snow one Sunday morning. No problem at all as nobody was needing to be anywhere. But then a dusting one Tuesday evening around 5pm caused the city to come to a standstill. It's timing really. I was a teacher back in 2013 here in the Black Country and during a Friday snowstorm in the January, the schools around Dudley and Sandwell all shut just before lunchtime. There was chaos on the roads between 11am and 1pm as everyone made a beeline for home. I left it until around 2pm and got a totally clear run (still took it steady in my little Aygo though!). It doesn't take much snow to cause problems...just a lot of panicky traffic! Getting back on topic. I'm going back to my week at a time approach to watching the weather models. So for the next week, nothing to see really. I'll come back and have another look next Friday.
  12. The Midlands - Weather Chat

    In a July heatwave during a thunderstorm maybe!
  13. The Midlands - Weather Chat

    Yeah, northwesterlies have been very poor for us over the past 2 winters. A shame because we have had success (mixed though!) with them in the past. Hopefully, it will be drier than what you're fearing though. If it's a showery NW setup, that gives us a fighting chance of remaining dry. But whatever, still plenty of rain to get through first anyway. So what does it matter,
  14. The Midlands - Weather Chat

    Oh look, the warm up and transition to milder and wetter conditions is going exactly as forecast... ...well done weather.
  15. North American Weather (U.S.A & Canada)

    The cut off point for not just significant snow but for any snow at all is quite something. The gradient is very sharp indeed. In fact, visit American wx forum, go into the Ohio/Lakes section and just see how frustrating it is for the people of central Ohio. A slight trend south has seen them go from a potential 5-6 inches to nothing at all! In Columbus, 2 inches from a clipper is the best they've managed all season so far and now they've got to watch this one slip away. A very poor winter indeed by their standards. (I know because I lived there for a couple of years!) Great news for the Ohio valley and West Virginia though!