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  1. Storm Henry

    90 mph at South Uist at 08:00 
  2. Storm Henry

    I wouldnt mind being at the beach but its rather unsafe I feel 
  3. Storm Henry

    48 foot waves out in the Atlantic at the K5 bouy 
  4. Storm Henry

    77 mph at stornoway and 76 mph south uist range 
  5. Storm Henry

    We do get lot stormy weather but some of these storms do send the island chain into lock down this is one of those times 
  6. Storm Henry

    on the verge of lockdown in the Western isles. 
  7. Storm Henry

    Will say it again worried about this one.. 
  8. Storm Henry

    I fear this could be worse then Gertrude 
  9. Atlantic storm Gertrude

    74 mph at Stornoway not quite as bad as South Uist yet
  10. Seems to be not as strong but over longer time frame 
  11. gusting 66 mph here this morning in the Western Isles. Keeping a close eye on Friday
  12. Atlantic Storm #6 - Frank

    Thank you Paul. its going to be interesting watch 
  13. Atlantic Storm #6 - Frank

    Will this high pressure keep this low away or this still chance of the track shifting further east? 
  14. We appear to be dodging a bullet regards worst winds in Western isles 
  15. Atlantic Storm #5 Eva

    With regard to wind speeds in the Western Isles. I am not feeling this as being that big, Gusts of 60 mph maybe 70 mph. Don't the 80 mph some people suspected.