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  1. Premier League Discussion

    We serve up utter garbage and got no idea how to grind out results, talk about taking 1 step forward and 10 steps back!  Honestly, us away from home are like bottom half of the table teams used to play away from home which is negative and don't feel like we can get a result. Those 2 goals for West Ham today  could make all the difference between staying up and going down. 
  2. I think once winds back more Northerly then that will be the best chance for lower levels to recieve snowfall, would not be surprised come Monday morning, some areas of the NE receive a covering of snow(probably no great amounts but better than nothing).
  3. Premier League Discussion

    Just imagine if Leicester finished 4th and Chelsea wins the Champions League or Man United win the Europa league*  Would be typical Premier League if that happened although I would find it rather amusing if it was Spurs who finished 4th and Chelsea wins the Champions League again!  * Not sure if Man United winning the Europa League means the team that finishes in 4th would drop into the Europa League or not! 
  4. Premier League Discussion

    West Brom were very poor today but I think our win is covering the cracks of once again our finishing could very much less us down. I had no idea why Foster came nearly out of his 18 yard box but it made the chance much easier to score otherwise it should of been.  Big big win though after Wednesday's dissapointment but a long way to go and I do still fear for us because I can't see our away form improving especially with Chelsea next if albeit there home form is rather poor this season.  As for Villa, yes, they could escape but whilst there could be 8 points from safety, teams just above the relegation line will pick up points so they will need at least 20 points to have at least some sort of hope to survive and can you see them getting those from their remaining fixtures? 
  5. Premier League Discussion

    Ashley could never sell the club if it was relegated to the Championship and I do fear if we do go down, how hard it will hit us financially with all the money we have spent.  I'll settle for 17th after 38 games now but the table is looking worrying now with gaps appearing at the bottom. I dont see any point in sacking McClaren(because there won't be a plan B and in the season we went down, it was ridiculous with the number of managers we had in that season) but for a manager to of spent 50 million in the summer and to be where we are is a disgrace. Charnley should definately take the flack also because the signings apart from Gini has not been good enough.  I think McClaren comments in his BBC interviews say it all about the negative approach away from home, saying the home fans were nervous and if we could of held on to 0-0 by half time(even though we conceded in the 23rd min) then we would have a chance, how about we go for it in the first half and maybe go in half time 1-0 up but nevermind!  Lose to West Brom and you will hear the chants for his head! 
  6. Premier League Discussion

    Why oh why did we not sign at least 2 defensive players in this window I would never ever know, its a massive weak spot of ours and it says it all when you put Aarons in at left back when he's a winger, its absolutely pathetic. As I said, McClaren's tactics leaves a lot to be desired, I have no idea what the plan was, there seem to be no game plan but once again(and its happened time and time again this season) we created very little and did not look like scoring. I feel Norwich is our only hope now but in all honesty, we deserve to go down and I hope Sissoko leaves but not for a Champions League club, how can he hope to play at that level when he's clearly not good enough, if a british player said that, he would get mocked to the hills but because he's a foreigner, it somehow goes under the radar! 
  7. Premier League Discussion

    If there is one thing Pulis can argue for him is that he is getting results out of what is quite limited resources, Tufty/wally with the brolly on the other hand has more money to spent than he ever had before and look where we are and going by that 1st half against Everton then we are going no-where apart from the Championship! Oh dear oh dear.... McClaren tactics leaves a lot to be desired and this team is most definately worse than the 08/09 team that we got relegated with, the only reason that team went down was down to all the shenanigans that went on off the pitch and the fact they thought they are better than they are!  Sissoko wants to play in the Champions League... Ha! No-where near that level at all, more like Championship! 
  8. Why does everyone takes the long range forecasts for granted I shall never ever know, for me personally, I could not care less what it says or what the background signals may say etc, its what the models shows what counts.  I've seen forecasts on here saying that December could be interesting for cold, then January could well be interesting and it was for 1 week of the month if albeit snowfall was fairly limited and came via an unusual set up(certainly if you look at the chart at face value, then you would never think it would be a chart that would bring snowfall) and then there was quite a lot of hype about February, so far, the hype is completely unjustified but I won't be throwing in the towel just yet though, we know the weather is never quite that simple hence long range forecasts should never be taken as gospel whatever they say. Anyways, still potential for a deep low to hit the UK but it would seem the severity of it won't be as bad as the last 2 named storms but its definitely look like it will be more southern areas that will be affected and for that reason, I would suspect the UKMO might class it as a named storm. I'm surprised some members are hoping there would be no deep low but it is winter after all and for me, if you can't have the snow then severe gales is no doubt the next best thing. 
  9. Premier League Discussion

    But Swansea are only 5 points ahead and we still got to play Swansea at home(albeit we got a poor record at home against you's) . I actually think Swansea will stay up, although it depends how your new manager settles in I feel. 
  10. Premier League Discussion

    Yes but were you really enjoying watching your team under Clarke, Mel and Irvine!? From what I can recall, I don't think Albion fans were all too pleased with those managers either.  West Brom played "carpet football" under Mowbray but it got you relegated and at the moment, you's are fairly comfortable in mid table. I think Pulis even admitted its results over style at the moment. 
  11. Premier League Discussion

    And bring in who exactly? The style of football may be dire but its getting you results, I wish we have a solid defence like West Brom has most of the time.  For my Super 6 predictions, I rather if it was Palace who has equalised but it looks like things are going on a downhill spiral under Pardew for them now and thats one of his biggest flaws, once you go on a bad run under him, he finds it hard to find a solution to stop the rot and that is something you could argue Pulis is good at(e.g grinding out results when your not playing well). Nevertheless that goal could be all the difference between us going down and Swansea going down so I'm happy that game ended in a draw. 
  12. Premier League Discussion

    If results stay as they are now, tomorrow nights game is most definately a must win and I just can't see us winning it at all. Norwich could be our saviour of staying up. 
  13. Its always seem to be days 8-10 though from what i read on here, the reality is unfortunately there is no real prospects of snow opportunities in the outputs and unfortunately also with a strengthening sun even upper air temps of -5 would deliver to bring much in the way of cold weather, warm SST's don't help.  There is more chance of another deep area of low pressure hitting the UK than any snowfall at the moment. 
  14. Cooler Atlantic

    Without wanting to rain on your parade too much, can I ask(and I mean this with respect and not with any sarcasm whatsoever) what made you come to this prediction? Was it anything to do with the cold SST's in the Atlantic or other factors or perhaps both? Either way in all fairness and to your credit, your prediction is a lot more accurate than other predictions I have read. 
  15. Storm Henry

    I think one thing that is being slightly overlooked here is that unlike Gertrude, the strongest gusts are likely to occur over a longer period of time so even if we don't quite get the 100MPH gusts, the damage could be more severe than the last storm. It seems to me the low is more tightly packed than first predicted and also a little deeper than yesterday runs suggested, really would not be surprised if the Met Office are considering a red warning for potentially 100MPH gusts in the Western Isles.  As for the comment that people in the Western Isles should be accustomed to strong winds, do find that a bit laughable because regardless if they are accustomed to it or not, the damage can't be avoided regardless if they are used to it or not and the dangers of such winds is just as severe as it would be in  areas which don't experience such high gusts.  Also I'm interested in gusts in the NE tomorrow night, could be some lively cross winds, wind flow/direction looks perfect for this too occur.