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  1. The Seasonal Forecast Thread

    Many thanks for the response Ian!
  2. The Seasonal Forecast Thread

    Hi Ian Are you still thinking that we could get some colder winters towards the end of the decade as we move into solar minimum? Thanks
  3. It should be 5.4C because that was my guess! 
  4. I'll go with 5.2C please.  With no sustained cold looking likely for February, winter 2015/16 looks to be the mildest on record.  With 3 duffers in a row, the winter period 2008-2013 is now just a distant memory and things seem worse than ever........  
  5. Isn't there a risk with it being further east will make it more marginal, though? EDIT - Latest forecast on BBC News does show the band of snow move through the London area through the early hours, so yes, perhaps more people will join in the fun!
  6. Not looking bad but I think my location might be in the less cold upper air zone and may only see rain or sleet?  Any thoughts?
  7. I agree, those temperature forecasts look very underwhelming (or overwhelming !) for a January 'cold' snap!  Hopefully, the temperatures will turn out to be lower than forecast.
  8. Exactly, that's my main concern.
  9. That's a disappointing update for late January into early February.  High pressure to the south and low pressure to the north is not where we want to trend!
  10. This is tricky now as changes do seem to be afoot in the NH.  Not sure what this will mean for us, but I suspect we won't see any notable cold weather in January, with mild/wet spells interspersed with more average/drier spells.  Taking this into account, I will go for 5.4C, please.  However, things are certainly looking more interesting than they were a week or so ago.
  11. April 1986 was a cold month whilst April 2015 was warmer than average.  This goes to show just how remarkable this month is turning out to be - December possibly returning a higher CET than a mild April! 
  12. December 2009 started on a mild note but turned much colder by mid month with significant snow on the 17th and 18th in the South East and I think a fair few places had snow on the ground at Christmas, although it had turned less cold in the south by then.  The month was cold overall with a CET of 3.1C.
  13. Well, I hope come the end of February I will have been proved very wrong!