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  1. It's a beautiful winter morning here, clear blue sky and everything white with frost
  2. That reminds me of walking along the prom road in Scarborough; huge seas, waves crashing against the wall and going up vertical 20 or more feet. Hubby trying to get soaked, me trying to avoid it, guess which one of us caught the big one..... like a numpty I was so mesmerised at the force of it, the height it rose straight in front of me, I stood there thinking 'wow' completely forgetting what goes up, must come down. Doh!
  3. Being a snow lover, I'd go so far as to say they've all had it in fa me.
  4. I've been assured his cousin Ivor Biggon is coming to stay next winter.
  5. Now quite heavy snow and much bigger flakes  Me thinks it was a good choice to stay home today and do deskwork instead of mud wading.
  6. I'm currently designing a courtyard garden for work after lots of building works converting the stables. Sat at the kitchen table, nice and warm, watching the snow falling. Beats paddling! Don't know what it's like around you but down here it's cheaper to buy real stone slabs from the reclamation yard than buy repo ones from the likes of Bradstone, if you're after paving, check first.
  7. Yup. In our spare time we loiter on Radio 4, Mushy with his disguise of Chris Beardshaw, me with my Sarah Raven alias. We come on here to chat and moan about the impact the weather's having on the garden and ramp up the promise of spring because we're sick of being up to our knees in mud.
  8. The blue is winning the battle  Now at least 50% of the sky is a lovely shade of pale, forget-me-not blue.
  9. Lol. You kind of get used to that living in the SW but even here we can expect frost or at the very least, reliably cold temperatures - not this year though. Ground temperature needs to be 5c or below to stop grass growing, two frosts ( one of -7c) hasn't cooled the earth down anywhere near enough.
  10. I love spring too, full of so much promise of the glories to come. Personal preference for THE best time of year would have to be mid to late May. The cold has gone, days are warming up nicely without the intensity of summer heat and the flower borders are starting to brim over with lush new growth, Alliums flowering, Roses beginning to burst open, the Wisteria wafting a heady fragrance over the garden and Delphinium spikes shooting up. Fast forward me to May please.   Oh and the bleeding grass hasn't stopped growing all through the winter. It's far too wet to cut but it certainly needs it, it's very scruffy at the moment. As for Moss.....don't get me started...
  11. My snowdrops are out too. They've been flowering for at least three weeks now, usual time for them to reliably be out is Valentines day. Dafs are well ahead but Tulips are behind, Roses are about normal.
  12. They are here too although it's usually early to mid March around these parts. Saw something last week which I genuinely don't think I've ever seen....the Hawthorn hedges are breaking into leaf already. It's one of those things I always look for, I love the intense green after the gloom of winter and it usually signifys that spring is just around the corner. Mid to the end of March is normal time, I've never seen it in February, let alone the first week of February.