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  1. Go for it. I'll wave from my perch atop the Priddy humps.
  2. I've reached the conclusion that all those Bronze Age sites around here have nothing to do with defence, it's just that they were snow lovers. 200m high enough for reliable snow? Nope. 250m? Nope. a hill and live on the top. I reckon our best bet is to encourage a new lead mine and offer to take all the me a gurt big hill.
  3. With a lot of luck, maybe it will by tomorrow. Quite fancy a snowy walk in Stockhill woods & sunday lunch at Priddy.
  4. Great minds.... You keep them talking in the golf club, whilst their backs are turned.....
  5. Give me a mo, I'll shimmy up the Mendip Beacon, will report from the top....
  6. What a vile morning, heavy wet sleet, yuk! It seems even Knocker has decided to take a day off, stay indoors, out of the wet. I take my hat off to him though, training Sidney to take the pics for him must have taken a huge pile of nuts.....
  7. A lovely winter morning turned into a beautiful spring day. If there's going to be no snow about, I'd happily fast forward to spring now, it's so lovely to feel the sun on your face.
  8. It's a beautiful winter morning here, clear blue sky and everything white with frost
  9. That reminds me of walking along the prom road in Scarborough; huge seas, waves crashing against the wall and going up vertical 20 or more feet. Hubby trying to get soaked, me trying to avoid it, guess which one of us caught the big one..... like a numpty I was so mesmerised at the force of it, the height it rose straight in front of me, I stood there thinking 'wow' completely forgetting what goes up, must come down. Doh!
  10. Being a snow lover, I'd go so far as to say they've all had it in fa me.
  11. I've been assured his cousin Ivor Biggon is coming to stay next winter.
  12. Now quite heavy snow and much bigger flakes  Me thinks it was a good choice to stay home today and do deskwork instead of mud wading.
  13. I'm currently designing a courtyard garden for work after lots of building works converting the stables. Sat at the kitchen table, nice and warm, watching the snow falling. Beats paddling! Don't know what it's like around you but down here it's cheaper to buy real stone slabs from the reclamation yard than buy repo ones from the likes of Bradstone, if you're after paving, check first.