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  1. Nope, doesn't work, sorry. Downgraded by tomorroww AM.
  2. OK where's Karlos this morning, he MUST have had a frost this morning...
  3. Morning all, currently: Temp -0.9°C DP -2.3°C RH 90% 1000.9 mb Steady Wind & Rain 0 - 0 (draw) Beautiful clear morning out over the channel..
  4. What sayeth you? Take this man outside an flog him, with 1000 lashes. The theme of the year is "DOWNGRADE", yet man you speaketh of UPGRADE, thoust has the tongue of the devil!
  5. Mmmm, just like the buses round here, don't get one for ages then two come along at the same time....  
  6. Today was spring in the office. The heating was turned up to address the cool few days and the sun was beaming in, forcing the interior temperature up to just over 24C. Few folks commenting on how warm it was today
  7. Morning all, currently: Temp 3.1°C DP 1.7°C WInd 3.5mph SSW Rainfall 2.6mm 992.5 mb Rising Conditions: Clear and starry, wet from recent showers.
  8. Looking at the various bits and pieces, it does appear that the colder air digs in later on Saturday, with DP dropping sub zero even for down here. One to watch, but no more than that right now. Let us know if you see any change Knocker.
  9. Morning all, currently: Temp 4.8°C DP 3.1°C RH 89% 983.9 mb Falling WInd 1.1mph SSE Rainfall 2.5mm Conditions: Raining..
  10. As Knocker says, really see it being snow around down here on the coast, as two things are missing. The traditional cooling of the air before the event, and a good cold feed behind it, neither of those two seem obvious for anything other than rain here.. Pretty much like this morning, cold rain is the order of the day.
  11. No wonder your smiling, I'm sure in a few hours we will wipe that smile off your face..
  12. ROFL, surprise, surprise 2016 the year of the downgrade..  
  13. Checking Met Office warning and the wind forecast, I'm expecting to see it pick up from now until around 1ish. In fact there is an upward trend on the wind speed down in the harbour already. as it is stronger by about 10mph to about an hour ago.