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  1. Really sick to death of the constant wind and rain...

  2. C.E.T. Forecasts for February 2016

    Could I have a 4.6C, please.
  3. We did indeed have freezing fog, car was reading -3C at the time.
  4. Well we did manage to get a dusting from some localised snizzle in Gloucester this morning, enough to turn the pavement and roads white so it looked wintery at least. 
  5. No frost and no need to scrape the wind screen this morning, the wait for winter continues...
  6. C.E.T. forecasts for January, 2016

    I am going to plump for 6.1C, cant see early Jan being anything special.
  7. More of the same dull, grey and damp weather - only a curmudgeon could enjoy this.
  8. Things that tick you off?

    The 7/8 month Autumn that the UK now endures from October to April/May each year!
  9. continuing with the 70% likely to be milder...
  10. Still getting strong gusts of wind, had hoped it would have eased off a lot more by now.
  11. Atlantic Storm #2 Barney

    Damn, I was hoping for a bit more of a downgrade.
  12. Atlantic Storm #2 Barney

    Great, the very worst type of weather we get in this country, right at commuting time...
  13. I like early Autumn to be High pressure dominated with warm sunny days and cool nights, gradually become more foggy.   By mid Autumn its good to have a frost or two under the belt and I don't mind a period of sustained rain but absolutely dislike windstorms, nothing but a pain in the posterior.   As we enter late Autumn I like Foggy and frosty weather as a pre runner to cooling the ground for winter. Rarely we get snow this far south, but on occasion we get an Arctic blast which can deliver a couple of inches of fun.   I am fine most types of weather through Autumn with the exception, only, really of wind.
  14. The changing daylight hours thread

    Over winter it makes little difference whether its GMT or BST, but, during summer we would be much better off with double summertime, real waste of daylight at 5.30am.