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  1. England lacked intensity in this game but I think they also paid for a conservative selection. Broad has these amazing spells where he runs through teams but most of the time he's not a strike bowler. Finn is the strike bowler when he plays but due to his injury England were left with a choice- go for the conservative option in Woakes (who ironically didn't bring the control that you'd expect) or go for a wicket taker who might go for a few runs in Footitt. The bowling attack was found wanting on a surface that offered plenty for the seamers- when will they learn that these samey bowling attacks don't work in test cricket, particularly away from England. Alright Woakes has put some pace on but he's a skiddy line bowler and is easy to pick up for the batsmen. He worked as a replacement for Anderson but replacing the far more awkward Finn with him doesn't make sense. England have missed a chance to have a look at Footitt before the English summer.
  2. Ok in theory, but there is nothing to suggest they are going to take wickets on that pitch- I was watching yesterday and England bowled rather well, particularly Finn, for hardly any reward. It's true that the dropped catches have cost them dear though.
  3. Not buying that drop on the 31st personally- the GFS has been consistently colder than the ECM- of course it could happen, but the ECM is showing something rather different for the end of the month. The GFS 06z has that rather ridiculous looking storm developing close to new year and allowing some colder PM air in- not saying it's impossible but I'd say improbable. The Euros look milder and less progressive.  I just wonder if we might get up to 10C if the ECM 00Z comes off...
  4. Yes Timmy, I agree, I did say in here at the very start of the month that we were well overdue an exceptionally warm December...strange that at the first dicussion of it, we got one more exceptional than any! 
  5. Well with the lack of breeze in that sort of setup I imagine there would be a lot of issues with lingering fog in December, as we saw at the start of November this year for many areas, despite a very warm airmass and a warm continent. The stronger sun in March gives a better chance of it burning off through the morning.
  6. Good post- March 2012 was a prime example of the highlighted part- one of the warmest Marches in record, and could have been warmer were it not for mist and fog forming earlier in the month under a warm airmass and HP. I imagine a December with similar synoptics would have been rather cold.
  7. Far more exceptional than 2010 in my opinion, which didn't even rank as the coldest on record. This month is going to absolutely smash the previous all time record for warmth, and possibly be warmer than the warmest March on record too.
  8. Surely beating the March record is odds on now...if the downward correction is anything like November's, ie. non-existent. Those mild days now showing for after Christmas should seal it I'd have thought. The December record is all but gone now. Virtually impossible for it to drop that low now with the outlook as it is.
  9. 7 Days 7 Charts

    I think I may have been out of the country when that event happened, but what a glorious chart that is. I was around for the July event this year though, which was spectacular after a fantastic hot and humid feeling day.
  10. Well to put that in perspective, it was 14C at Manchester Airport at 1 am. I'm pretty sure it would have been above 10C even at altitude in Derbyshire at the same time too.
  11. Even less signs of a cool down this morning from the op runs. Less week is looking less exceptionally mild than this week but still well above average with SW winds dominating if the ECM is to be believed. It says it all when the BBC are saying Friday is going to be a 'fresher' day with maxes still in double figures for most of the country! This really is one of the most remarkable months of our time- up there with April 2011 in my view.
  12.   I think if you take off the minus and put a zero between the 1 and the decimal point, you might not be far off.
  13. The amazing thing about that month was that it could have been even warmer- we missed out on an earlier warm spell which originally looked like it could be record breaking, due to fog. I recall the near Continent had some very high temperatures during that period.
  14. Maybe us mild fans should be hoping for below average SSTs in the North Atlantic every winter.... Obviously this would not be ideal in summer, however. It does make you wonder though about how much impact the area of below average SSTs well out in the Atlantic actually does impact us, especially when you consider that in fact the waters closest to us have actually been above average recently.
  15. This situation is so interesting as I was looking at the rankings of the warmest months that someone had posted a week or two ago when comparing November to past months- and I commented on the fact that we hadn't had a recent exceptionally mild December (in the top 5 to 10), which suprised me.  So it could be argued that this exceptionally mild December is well overdue. Of course there have been mild ones, but nothing close to record breaking recently.