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  1. Premier League Discussion

    i thought Ashley & charnley picked the team, signed players and they just employed a head coach, or whoever is daft enough to take the job. The best thing you can hope for is relegation and the back of those 2!   
  2. Non-League Football- December 2015 onwards

    Hi Dave I see you won against Whitehawk Saturday, maybe a turn in fortunes for you? I am looking forward to Melbourne park this week. We beat Dartford 2-0 so confidence is high and even talk of catching Ebbsfleet, but thats a long way off. We have just signed Nicky Bailey so he could partner ex Arsenal Craig Eastmond on Saturday in our midfield.      
  3. Non-League Football- December 2015 onwards

    Hi Dave News travels fast in the NL world knew about this earlier, in truth no great surprise you have been sinking faster than the Titanic recently. You looked a better side last season on your smaller budget so I do expect an improvement from you. As for us who knows we got Dartford at home on Saturday, so 2 in form sides go head to head, I would not like to predict the outcome either, it will be tight. Given your present plight we will be looking to get 3pts from you, either as a bounce back or full on confidence. Whitehawk or Brighton City will provide you with a stern test, will Danny Mills score against you? Hoping to be at Melbourne park, are you guys filming yet?  
  4. In Memoriam

    I cannot believe I have just heard that Glenn Frey has died, I just cannot believe it. Just so sad, what a loss!    
  5. You just too low, it will be snowing just up in Banstead. 
  6. All snow here in Sevenoaks starting to turn the garden white.
  7. Light Snow Sevenoaks.
  8. Non-League Football- December 2015 onwards

    Oh yes that Tree! It will feature in the highlights, I think it will be a first. My understanding is was half inched from the pub across the road and used to conceal alcohol in, still very ingenious . 
  9. Capital One Cup And The Emirates FA Cup Discussion

    As someone who has got used to hour long highlights or the full match, I am staggered that the FA Cup is so poorly covered by the BBC. I managed to find 3min28secs of highlights from today's game at the Emirates - Really poor!   
  10. Non-League Football- December 2015 onwards

    Blimmey you are not kidding, I was at Sutton today to see us bag 5 against you, and in truth it could have been a few more. Funny you certainly didn't look the worst side we had played and for a while at the start of the match you were well in it. In front of goal we are getting better whether we can catch Ebbsfleet is another matter but you never know.     
  11. Premier League Discussion

    i understand that drivers have been warned to be aware when passing Stamford bridge as Chelsea are giving everyone 3pts.
  12. In Memoriam

    I think you have to be intelligent to understand characters like Alf Garnet, ofcourse he was Jewish himself a point often made. 
  13. In Memoriam

    Warren Mitchell aka Alf Garnett   The only other person that agreed with my take on life has been taken from us. Till death do us part, not true Alf you will live on.   RIP 
  14. UEFA Champions League 2015/16

    Well I don't care about any team apart from my own   Arsenal were simply fantastic last night, there are many who would have sat down with their pizzas waiting (wanting) Arsenal to get stuffed.   What we learnt last night is you don't need the ball to win, and you can make midfield largely irrelevant.   
  15. Euro 2016 Qualifying

    You mean untill they play someone who is any good!   Holland are OUT!   AND   Bale / Ramsey earn themselves a place in the finals despite 8.5 ball and chains as Ashley Williams is only worth half a ball