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  1. Wooo-hoooo!         
  2. 36.7C, heathrow according to @bbcweather!
  3. 36.2C at Heathrow from @bbcweather!
  4. 35.7C being mention of the MetO twitter feed for Heathrow.
  5. Heathrow back up to 33C.
  6. 11.2C, few cumulus, sunny, wind from the SW, 1003mb.
  7. Saturday December 20th; General Weather Chat

    7.2C, few cumulus, generally clear, wind from the W, 1030hPa.
  8. 6.7C, few cumulus, sunny, wind from the S/SW, 1014hPa.
  9. 5.0C, stratocumulus, wind from the SW, 1012hPa.
  10. 6.6C, overcast, wind from the N, 1020hPa.
  11. 6.0C, overcast, wind light, 1013hPa.
  12. Saturday October 18th; General weather chat

    18.4C, few cumulus, mild, wind from the S, 1014hPa.
  13. 21C in the garden this afternoon. Mostly sunny all day without a drop on rain. 
  14. A nice morning has been replaced by wind and rain. Looking forward to the clearance later.