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  1. Mission to Pluto: New Horizons

    Yup, it really is an amazing 'corner' of the solar system. I really wish they'd gone back to Triton, odd they haven't imo it seems to be a fascinating moon - but I doubt they will in my lifetime
  2. Need Help On The Site/forum?

    Why is it that the reply box (which I'm obviously using now) behaves differently in Firefox to in IE? Writing this in IE can see all the buttons are operational but I could not edit a post earlier in Firefox though could do with IE. Also, using Firefox the whole post occupies one line, whereas with IE is formats more readably.   Is it to do with my copy of each browser (though I'm pretty sure my Firefox is more up to date than IE - which I dislike) or some inherent behaviour or the set up of NW?
  3. I'll surprise you, I agree with a lot of that! Though north Yorkshire isn't the world, carefully managed pasture fed meat is a better option than feeding grains and pulses to animals.
  4. Actually, she wasn't the first to use the word 'moral' in this thread. She did in fact react to someone accusing her of that - which is rather different. But I replied because of this: "I don't agree with you because of argument X and/or Y, Z etc....." or "I don't agree with you because you are preaching" I prefer the former.
  5. I'm not sure why she shouldn't have her say but you can? Why should that be the way it is? Why is she preaching but you not? Anyway, fwiw, I speak as a non 'veggie' someone who was, formerly, a farmer of animals in an intensive way. I think we take meat to casually. I eat meat, but not much and if I do I try to make sure it was reared well. Call it a result of my experiences.
  6. Fascinating article. Not sure about the 'jihad' comment - could four point out where the Taliban/ISIS where in it?
  7.   And, for Feb (well, any month in Devon tbh ) very impressive it's been - even viewed from Dartmoor.
  8.   The populations of said birds and those of raptors (espically the ones in question) are very similar and thus equally able to sustain the same rates of degridation?
  9.   Which, of course, is a nice example of stereotyping...
  10.   Clever!   Yes, if you lump in all birds of prey, all, then numbers may be up. That would mostly be due to recovery in numbers of buzzard I guess. But such talk would obscure changes to populations of individual species of raptors...   What is also clever is you don't dispute the actual thrust of this thread.   So, questions:   1, do you dispute the numbers Knocker presents? 2, which species of raptor are increasing 'substantially' in number?   Sorry, but on your past form I don't espect any answers
  11.   Which article said it was 'worse than we thought'? Or is that just your dubious point...
  12.   When we started farming here in 1960 (I was but a kid then) lapwings both visited in numbers and nested. We also heard turtle doves, had barn owls, hedgehogs, even the odd nightingale. All have gone. Have there been gains? Maybe more badgers and deer? Is the same your experience?   As to the wider world. I don't doubt agricultural changes have had effect - drainage, intensive use of herbicides, pesticides and monoculture.. I also don't doubt over fishing is, well, over fishing. I don't see how such changes can be disputed. And in the future it's a pound to a penny that krill will be over fished, the very deep seas likewise - and with human population likely to stay high and get wealthier demand for food (and animal parts for quack medicines)  is unlikely to reduce.
  13. Stopes and Mineral Veins-Portreath Cliffs

    Oops, my bad, read the post not the title...
  14. Stopes and Mineral Veins-Portreath Cliffs

      The mine
  15. Stopes and Mineral Veins-Portreath Cliffs

      Where's that then?   As Dines might say 'country rock killas and greenstone..' or some such. Tbh not sure what that rock is but I like Dines' words