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  1. Yorkshire and Lincolnshire - Weather Chat

    Unexpectedly very windy, my mind was on snow watch not wind watch. No snow here in Grimsby, but apparently snowing down the road and home in Immingham, can't see anything sticking, too wet and not cold enough for starters.
  2. Yorkshire and Lincolnshire - Weather Chat

    Well hello, haven't posted for well over a year, a few names I still recognise here and many I don't!  First signs of something colder on the horizon - tbh my levels of enthusiasm are at rock bottom... what a December it has been, must have been the warmest on record - a really crazy Winter so far. I cannot see much in the way of Snow after this blow torch Winter to date - happy to be proved wrong!  My mind quickly thinks back to 2010 which was an exceptional Winter here in Grimsby, described as a 1-30 year event - I am not expecting anything equally wonderous any year soon.
  3. Sleet here, nice surprise.
  4. Yeah same, was a little surprised by that.
  5. Good for Grimsby, this really is skimming the coast :/;nothing here since 5.45pm
  6. Well in Immingham where I live there is noticeably less than in Grimsby. I do hope there is more to come because its still been pretty poor in terms of depth which for me at least is what counts!
  7. This heavy snowfall makes queuing in traffic so much more enjoyable!
  8. Yes I agree with the recent posts this Northerly despite the hype has produced diddly squat... its been raining all morning and early afternoon... and yesterday was just as bad... where is the darn snow! The pre-run up to the Northerly - the supposedly not-so-cold part, produced more snow.. incredible!
  9. I get the distinct impression North Lincolnshire has no chance tonight.
  10. Don't you hate that feeling when you open the curtains for the first time in the morning to see that it hasn't snowed a jot since you went to bed?
  11. Heavy snow here, not sleety whatsoever, big flakes. Settling everywhere... what can I say just sweet.
  12. Another Nov 30th 2010 18inches please.
  13. As you cancan see i am up and awake... Already looked outside... Where is the damn snow! Did it even snow at all? Did I dream last night's radar? Arghhhj Disappointed.
  14. Well nothing here yet, was expecting it to have reached here an hour a go, but like the northerly of a few days ago it keeps decaying before it reaches here.