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  1. Indeed I saw a palm tree threatening a birch tree, mockingly, and the Birch just kicked the bucket. Guess they know it's coming. ;-)   But seriously, zilch precipitation today.. maybe not only are we coming a subtropical paradise but also a desert 
  2. Oh wow its windy out there... Sounds like a freight train.. Windows are creaking in their frame
  3. Could be an interesting night, with the potential for quite strong Foehn winds tonight on the lee of high ground... could be some anomalously high overnight temperatures being recorded
  4. North American Weather (U.S.A & Canada)

    never going to happen, you live in Wirral 
  5. I assume it's struggling again? Met-Office seem adamant colder temperature for southwest tonight, on a more widespread basis. We shall see.. It would be nice to see you guys get some wintry scenes.
  6. Due to the potential occurrence of a frost in Southwest England, including Devon and Cornwall, your Riviera status has here by been revoked. It will now be handed to somewhere roughly in the Merseyside area of Northern England or North Wales region 
  7. subtropical 5C here. Get out the BBQ
  8. maybe they expect localised breaks to occur. That said, it's not going to get below 0C in many places that aren't already. sorry SZ I just accidentally edited your post with my comment, then rectified it.. Im always doing that lol.
  9. drizzle on and off all day here. There was actually a slight dusting of snow in central areas, but none in Heswall and wasn't icy.. currently 2.2C with a dewpoint of 2C foggy. Yet to see snow this winter.
  10. if a satellite image of today become available it will be interesting to see!
  11. We can also infer why date palms grow well on Wirral and nowhere else in the northwest ;-)
  12. A good chance I imagine yes.
  13. Chris R is it not snowing in Crosby?
  14. Proper throwing it down in Southport now by looking at the webcam. Still raining here.