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  1. Cold upgraded at 120 hrs on the 18z.  
  2. ECM 216 hrs Azores high about to be yanked back west,much as the GFS is advertising.  
  3. Quite a dramatic upgrade for cold prospects from tonights ECM at day 6 compared with yesterday's run.   today..yesterday..
  4. A sliding channel low on the ECM 12z AT 120 hrs,with snow on the northern flank.  
  5. Storm Imogen

    Storm pretty well defined on latest satellite imagery.  
  6. ECM at 168 hrs,that HP block to the NE is becoming more influential run by run.  
  7. Interesting 120 hrs fax chart,definite slider potential going forward.  
  8. ECM out on Meteociel now and finishes on a cold and stormy note for the UK.and an interesting Russian block.  
  9.   Its OK,this is "only" day 8,and a real tease!   The good old Iceland high.  
  10. Out to 168 hrs on wetter,and does seem to be similar to its 00z output      
  11.   Guaranteed as soon as the search for spring starts,charts like this from the CFS start cropping up.   March CFS..    
  12.   As has been mentioned,the ECM windspeed charts on Meteociel are for 850 hpa which is about 5,000 ft up,but still give a good indication of the areas where the ground level winds will be highest.   The ensemble mean for day 6  850  winds seems to indicate a stormy monday for southern parts especially.      
  13.   LOL!   Just need to get the troughing a touch further east along the lines of ens.11  
  14. GEFS and ECM ensemble mean anomalies at day 10 both shot from the same gun,with a chilly UK trough and pressure rise to the west.   ecm..gefs..