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  1.   Cheers for the link.   The strikes don't seem to show up on the netweather map.
  2. Huuuuge flakes of snow here now.
  3. Anothe big crack of thunder!
  4. Big crack of thunder just now and hail/snow falling.
  5.   Yes,much colder air lurking just to the NE waiting to spread in as the wind veers.  
  6. Well certainly an interesting morning here.   Have had rain,fog,hail,heavy snow and thunder and lightning!   Snow left a temporary covering and surprised not more reports of it.
  7. Some nice low dewpoints spreading across the region from late Saturday onwards which will be a big help in getting snow down to low levels.     I'm quite optimistic about this cold snap now.
  8. Sunday night/Monday morning looking like the best chance for snowfall off the North sea,with -7/-8 uppers.  
  9. Which ever way you look at it that's a mighty impressive warming over the pole,with a 60C jump in a very short space of time.
  10. Yes,looks like a rare chance to get some north sea snow showers with just about the perfect wind angle and -8 uppers.   What actually happens is another matter,but at least we should get a few frosts!
  11. A comparison of the ECM between yesterday and today.       Also a comparison of last night's fax chart and the updated one this morning,with the colder air further south,and everything else with it.
  12. Cold upgraded at 120 hrs on the 18z.  
  13. ECM 216 hrs Azores high about to be yanked back west,much as the GFS is advertising.  
  14. Quite a dramatic upgrade for cold prospects from tonights ECM at day 6 compared with yesterday's run.   today..yesterday..
  15. A sliding channel low on the ECM 12z AT 120 hrs,with snow on the northern flank.