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  1. Just to add to last nights musings looking round the Firth today on calm overcast morning  we have remnants of snow drifts to quite low levels (800feet) now with considerable cover over 2000 feet backing up Hairy Celts thoughts that the seasons are two months behind as the gradual lowering of the snow level looks more like the end of November beginning of December so 2 months of winter srtill to come? Currently 3.9c Another observation from starting to appear above the soil surface about the end of November the daffodils have done nothing this last month or so.  
  2. Winters over in the model thread but I have just been to Inverurie today and there were remnents of drifts at the side of the A96 between Huntly and Keith waiting for more snow at 8c. Temperature here now 1.9c so winter back again and drifts probably frozen again.
  3. Its still eleven weeks (full winter feeding)  till we may get cattle out and even then the grass may not grow enough to feed them and we have to supplement them like last year when there were 14 nights of at least a ground frost  in May followed by some in June when there was  a huge powder fall on the ski slopes on the 17th of June so lot of wintry weather still to come . Often put cattle out on the 20th of April in warm sunshine to be followed a few days later by 4 inches of snow. Last year cattle were more contented at grass in October than June because of the cold. As I have said before the frequency of north and east winds is at its peak and sea temperatures at their lowest so Arctic winds can still pack a punch especially up here at least till the end of March and on occasion till the beginning of May.Have seen this many times over the last 5 decades. Winters not over yet 0.4c  at 6.00am this morning with a ground frost  a nice calm sunny  dryday  followed but clouded over late pm, currently 2.3c  
  4. Bone chillingly cold out there with heavy rain ,a fresh to strong  wind and currently 3c. Give me -3c,  3 inches of snow,  3mph wind and one third  blue sky any day rather than this.
  5. Wind starting to roar round the house.
  6. Wind rising now,not going to be a good night to sleep.     Currently 2.9c so windchill pretty high.
  7. Gusty here too  with  heavy squally showers      Temperature  started off at 6.00am at 8c but fell away all day to 2.5c currently     Showers now have hail and sleet in them and we have a covering of slush from the most recent one.
  8. Very white round the Firth today with a very  cold looking sky Garden alive with birds at the feeders
  9. A photo from this morning
  10. Muffled wind at 6.00am this morning and you just know there are half crown flakes of snow falling and you look out and there  they are falling out of the dark .A fresh covering of about 3 inches and currently 0c. A true January winter morning.
  11. A photo from a few hours ago.  Still snow showers blowing around and in between the showers the snow is blowing across the fields. Currently 1c
  12. Exactly the same here another heavy shower on just now, great to see snow  drifting round the corner past the steading on a strong west wind. a few years since this has happened.
  13. 0c and about two inches of snow with still a gusty wind.Cats queueing  up to come in and hug the Rayburn
  14. Just been out to check cattle and close some doors and ice starting to form at ground level where there is a dusting,currently 0.4c and falling.
  15. Noise of rain/sleet  on windows suddenly stopped but wind still rose, looked out  and  its now snowing here too at 1c