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  1. I'm sure that many will, MWB...But, my guess is that folks (like me) who live within 30 miles of either the east or south coast will be very lucky to see sleet?
  2. That's all good, then? So I think I'll leave my genuflecting until after June 1st??
  3. Never fear, the NAVGEM is here!
  4. I've always thought that CAA is the Civil Aviation Authority...
  5. And your super-accurate forecast is?
  6. Since 2013, I've barely seen a single flake!
  7. That's funny. Coming from a Spurs family, I got an unusual reaction when I showed my grandson a BBC programme about hurricanes!
  8. What a Carry On these last few winters have been!
  9. Observations Of Nature Through The Seasons.

    But, for Sunday's game, fast vodka might be more helpful?
  10. Then this one must be their close friend Mr P Nis!
  11. I still don't see how we, or the models, can influence meteorological reality; it is, as they say, a mystery...That said, the 12Z's oozing out. Eyes down, toys under blankets - away we go!
  12. Premier League Discussion

    I do hope you're right, CC. IMO, as a long-term prospect, Poch is the better manager??
  13. Well, Pom, if I ever start seeing things that are 'yellow shaped', I'll consider getting myself sectioned.
  14. It is indeed marginal, chris; but, alas, the marginality seems to be on the wrong side, the noo...That said, it won't take much for things to go in the right direction: if the 'cold' air stays in place after, say, next Wednesday, I will start to feel a tad more confident. Until then - it's nail-biting time!
  15. From what I can gather, having looked at the models and the Beeb's forecasts, there's nowt much to be getting excited about...Some snow for high ground, for sure, a possibility of some sleet to lower levels at times...But, with temps of, say, 5-6C in most places, widespread appreciable snowfall looks unlikely. Easterly or no easterly...