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  1. Well, as the models (which, of course, could turn out wrong) seem to indicate winds form mostly between SW and NW, the coming week looks like not delivering much in the way of snow, away from the north and high ground - so, 'knife-edge' might be a stretch...Who knows?
  2. This is a question that has bothered me for quite a while...Despite £billions in TV revenues, PL clubs continue to charge £60+ per ticket for those wanting to see the game. I think this is a rip-off. What say you?
  3. Premier League Discussion

    Then again - maybe there is a god after all!
  4. On the other hand, it might be simple common sense. Maybe we should all throw our empty vodka-bottles in the nearest hedgerow?
  5. Since when have the models promised us lowland snow? For, what must be about the ten-thousandth time, computerized numerical prediction-models promise nothing...They do, however, give us a guide as to what might happen...
  6. Premier League Discussion

    Gooners two up, already...Can they get the 11 (I was wrong again!) they'll need to go second?
  7. The Seasonal Forecast Thread

    Which is - as the warm-up following the Snowball Earth well attests - utter nonsense?
  8. Premier League Discussion

    Yes. And I was wrong...That said, I have seen many a Spurs side snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, over the years! I'm so glad I was wrong, too!
  9. Premier League Discussion

    Aye, if the Gooners win by 12 clear goals, tomorrow, they'll go second. They'll deserve it, too! Strange how everyone seemed to think that Spurs and Leicester would 'implode'!
  10. Premier League Discussion

    Spurs 1-0 Watford...We could be going second!COYS!!!!
  11. Premier League Discussion

    Even if Spurs beat Watford, which is far from certain, Leicester'll have a five-point lead, tonight...Amazing!
  12. Premier League Discussion

    Who'da thunk it - Leicester might be six points clear tonight!
  13. Well, I refuse to get carried away just yet, regarding the bit about twenty-foot snowdrifts, but I'll tentatively suggest the possibility of some folks seeing some nacreous clouds?? 
  14. Things that tick you off?

    I met some when I was in Scotland - they asked me if I know Paul McCartney!
  15. Things that tick you off?

    Aye lud - there's nowt better tha' a whippet. And, don't ye forget yer 'Ovis!