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  1. More to do with it could be cold and wet so at least it is mild..i would prefer if it going to wet and miserable at least it to be mild
  2. Things that tick you off?

    Apparently I have a hardcore British accents according to Canadians..whatever that means..anyway im off to the petrol station to get some petrol !!
  3. Things that tick you off?

    The London cockney accent 'apples and pears my old china' is rapidly disappearing unfortunately.
  4. The changing daylight hours thread

    yes in Alberta in General I have never seen rain in the winter months even mild not saying it doesn't happen but its rarer than snow in Cornwall.
  5. The changing daylight hours thread

    its very sunny though and rain is rarer than snow,,in fact it never rains between October and April
  6. The changing daylight hours thread

    you want to try living in Canada winter last routinely 6-8months of the year
  7. Much prefer the Canadian climate with the exception of the Canadians say it sucks!
  8. in terms of a cold winter with snow..i threw in the towel last summer..the writing has been on the wall ever since then with the basin wide large el-nino..which had mild and wet winter written all over it..don't see the synoptics changing much through February and nothing I can see show any pattern change either.
  9. its not impossible...winter 77/78 was exceptionally cold and snowy across N.America the worst of the 20th Century and far worse than their recent winters..we also had some decent snow events in January and February 1978
  10. Were not a patch on the 80s winters or 70s come to that
  11. Vodafone Smart Ultra 6

    I would go with the Moto G 3rd gen...I have this phone and is much better than the iphone I had previously IMO...also they had a deal at vodaphone I think where you could pick it up for £89 with a £10 top up.
  12. Premier League Discussion

    im not sure why WBA don't just sell him and take the money..its not as though he is banging in the goals or even playing..he will end up like Charlie Austin...QPR holding out for £15m all summer long ended up selling for less than £4m this window.
  13. early spring on the cards if the latter part of the GFS were to be believed very much Feb 1990 & 1998 esq.
  14. peoples ability in the MOD thread to state the blindingly obvious like it is some kind of miraculous revelation..well done Sherlock.