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  1. And as predicted it has indeed happened! So far the lowest mean min in the CET zone is a mere -0.8C on the 11th. Warmest winter on record looking extremely likely now.
  2. Three air frosts in a row now, almost feels like winter! Mostly cloudy with occasional sunny spells and moderate rain showers. Rather cool at 4.9C after a min overnight of -0.3C. 1.4mm of rain so far.
  3. Its looking quite likely aswell. A mean of 4.3C over the remaining 19 days of February would see us record the mildest winter on record (excluding any adjustments of course).
  4. It seems to be the usual story this winter where any projected cold is downgraded and is heavily outweighed by mild previous or after. I wouldn't be surprised if we lose the lower minima and end up mid-5s by the 20th.
  5. Its actually surprising how much the sun has risen in the sky since the solstice at this time of the year. On 22nd December the sun reached a height of 12.82 degrees here at solar noon. Today (10th February) it will be 21.74 degrees. In a week it'll be 24.71 degrees and by 1st March it'll be 28.88 degrees. Its noticeable even over a few days at this point in the year. Try it here if you fancy a play:
  6. A 7.0C February would put us in uncharted territory with the winter CET. The final winter average would be an astonishing 7.38C if that happened, which would make it 0.60C above the current mildest and milder than 70 springs in the CET series! This winter has been so poor it might as well do it now. At least it would be something of interest which marks this season out as the abomination it has been.
  7. After January came in at 5.4C, February now only needs to be 5.1C for this winter to be the warmest in the CET series. That's only 0.7C above the 1981-2010 average.
  8. Another milder than average month, finishing off the warmest winter on record. 5.3C
  9. Yorkshire and Lincolnshire - Weather Chat

    Its actually snowing here at the moment. Very wet but snow nonetheless. The temp has dropped to 2.6C during the shower with the dewpoint at 0.1C.
  10. That's the thing with these warmer CET values these days. Even though 5.6C doesn't sound like anything special, it would still put this month joint 33rd mildest in the CET series.
  11. Mostly cloudy with occasional bright spells and blustery showers. The min temp last night of 11.9C was the highest on record for January since my records began in 1980. The max today of 14.5C is also the second highest in the same period, just 0.3C short of the record set just last year. Max Temp: 14.5C Min Temp: 11.9C Mean Wind: 22mph SW Max Gust: 42mph Rainfall: 0.4mm Sunshine: 0.2hrs Currently 13.3C and 72%. Pressure is 996.1hPa and falling sharply.
  12. Its 14.3C outside at the moment, making it the second warmest January maximum in 36 years. The record is 14.8C, but that was recorded only last year!
  13. We're on 5.3C at the moment. Another 0.5C on top of that by the month's end and it'll be the third mildest in 25 years. Its looking very possible unfortunately.
  14. Yesterday was provisionally 11.5C, which would beat the existing record for the 25th if it stands which is 11.4C. So back to record-breaking mild again after a brief cooldown it seems!
  15. Since May 2010, the high maximum temp here has gone in January, March, April, May, October, November and December. Its not without irony that all three summer months and September have failed spectacularly to do the same. Though June, July, August and September have all been within a degree of the record minimum! We've basically being breaking the records at the wrong ends of the year.