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  1. 2016 Storm Chase Tour - Which Tour are you on?

    Hey Sam Great to have you back on board this year, always meant to ask did you keep in touch with that lovely waitress ?
  2. Amazing local differences there, am about 2 miles from you and Temp is 2.2c - Are you high up ?
  3. 2016 Storm Chase Tour - Which Tour are you on?

    The next 15 weeks will fly by! As usual will be around on all 4 tours and hoping this year to reach more dizzy heights after nabbing 27 Tornadoes last year and coming out on top out of all tour groups worldwide for the 2nd year running. Expecting a similar season to 2015 with a declining El Nino phase in the middle to late spring  
  4. Storm Chase 2016 - Early-bird bookings now open

    Great to have a lot of new faces next year to show off these stunning Supercells. Think Quentin and Maxine are on Tour 4 as well and also think Richards other half Claire is trying again for next year.    As Chris said above the Northern Plains over the past 2 seasons in June has been pretty spectacular from double twin wedge Tornadoes, 2 Derechios and Northern Lights amongst other highlights. In fact Tour 4 over the past 2 seasons has seen 24 Tornadoes so not to be overlooked lightly!   Paul
  5. Seems I am not too popular on here today so going back under my rock for the rest of the summer, enjoy the storms for the rest of the summer have a feeling its going to be a long and thundery summer.
  6.   Yh i did comment again further along if you care to look, the Bournemouth storm was the best in the country last night by a long chalk.   I would never have even entertained anywhere further west than Oxford, last night, it was clear from model runs that Hampshire/Dorset eastwards would have the most storms last night, dont always rely on weather forecasts on the tv and look at whats in front of you with the synoptics etc.
  7. Yh sorry just to clarify   2/10 in my back yard   Over the whole of the Uk maybe a 5 or 6 out of 10 for the Lightning, still nowhere near as severe as Wednesday, last year on 19th July or 28th June 2012.   But still good when Differential Thermal Advection actually commenses over the landmass of the Uk and not over Northern France who coincidentially had a Level 2 Bust! See it happens to them as well.   The clue was what I posted last night around 9pm I think with that Warm Front lifting the dewpoints up to 66f and 64f along the south coast, Warm Front zipped through and left initiation over the South Downs with orographic forcing meaning the coast stayed dry and areas further north got the goodies, where this didnt happen was near Bournemouth where it initiated over the sea but still went severe as it rode up over the higher ground further north.   Hope that helps with how this unfolded
  8. Maybe its because the storms I witness now in the States have ruined it for me in this country, thats probably the real reason, anyway not to worry, glad it was a great storm for you.   Anyhow my little offering for last night for anyone who is bothered - This was before the North Sea decided to turn the sky misty and orange like those snow set-ups we never get.     F10 At 16 seconds    
  9. Anyway not going to get drawn into a arguement over how good the storms were last night, just pleased the lightning gods shared it about a bit after this weeks heat and humidity, if you thought it was the best ever then great, if not thats your opinion, some have a bigger thresh-hold than others I guess when they are thinking about severe storms.   Cant wait for the next lot
  10.   Lol    And I grew up in Romford from 1981 until 1999 so there you go, and was absolutely gobsmacked at some of those storms from the 80's.   Amazing what we remember eh ?
  11.   Yep, only a 2/10 for my location NOT the Uk in total, this was not a big plume compared to years gone by for down here, 5 close Cg's and lots of elevated rumbles, no hail, torrential rain for probably 10 minutes.   Not really knock you off your feet stuff really
  12. As others have said early this morning, decent enough plume event but if you compare it to the beasts we used to get in the 1980's this once again fell very short.   Would rate it as a 2/10 though so at last some Uk Lightning.   Those Plumes in the 1980's would last for 6 hours solid, this one about 2 hours and 4 seperate cells.   Nice to see all the same but nothing worth shouting about!
  13. Shotgun just then a few gardens away, lively little bugger this one, nailed a nice double Cg just then
  14. Lol watching from home now, got out 10 miles onto the end of the mainland, beautiful rocks in the foreground with tide out, and forgot my remote release. At least I now know that location if nothing else, having a beer and watching this roll in
  15. My god the surface charts are a joy, it's not often you get a Warm Front with storms firing on it - Acold front over Devon and the triple point over Nw Wales. Love these Synoptics