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  1. Cloudy day with light rain for most of it Temp 4.3c Max Temp 5.7c Min Temp 4.2c
  2. Mostly dry day with good sunny spell, the odd light shower. Temp 6.0c Max Temp 9.0c Min Temp 3.2c
  3. Dry start after some overnight showers Temp 3.8c
  4. There's nothing on offer snow wise for us in the West country apart from the very highest ground. Saturday looks like rain, Sunday's possible wintry showers have disappeared. I'm just looking for drier weather, cold or mild doesn't bother me  now.
  5. Mostly dry day with good sunny spells, the odd light shower Temp 7.1c Max Temp 9.7c Min Temp -0.3c
  6. Lovely frosty morning here, sun is shining - lovely.   Can't really get excited about the up coming cold spell, I think I'm exhausted from all the let downs these last few winters.
  7. Dry day with good sunny spells Temp 6.7c Max Temp 10.2c Min Temp 5.6c
  8. I don't get my hopes up when we venture into the realms of marginal, usually ends up the wrong side.   It really is a case of seeing what happens on  the day.
  9. Mostly dry day with good sunny spells Temp 6.6c Max Temp 7.7c Min Temp 4.2c
  10. Dry start after overnight showers Temp 4.3c
  11. Another horrible day of wind and rain Temp 8.8c Max Temp 9.9c Min Temp 6.9c
  12. That's an upgrade for me, but I feel it's off the mark & unlikely to happen. Dusting on the Mendips at best.
  13. Just had a nasty squally shower pass through at work in Nailsea. Apparently some scaffolding come down on the bank in Yatton, blown into the road.