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  1. I feel like a bit of a stuck record here, but can we keep it to the models in here rather than met forecasts and the like, thanks!  
  2. Looking at the GEFS (ensembles), they're not average in terms of temperatures. Ensemble mean vs the climatic average during the next week dipping below average for the vast majority after the first couple of days.   
  3. Storm Imogen

    Video update from Jo:    
  4. Storm Imogen

    Latest front page update about Imogen here:;storyid=7147;sess=
  5. Can we stop with the childish stuff now please. 
  6. In Calgary? I've been there in Jan/Feb and it's been raining!
  7. 2016 Storm Chase Tour - Which Tour are you on?

    The team will meet you at the airport (more info on where etc in the info pack you'll get a couple of weeks before departure). Then once all the guests are in, it's a case of either staying locally in a hotel, heading up the road elsewhere to a hotel nearer the chase target for the following day(s), or if the storm gods play ball, maybe a quick local chase before heading to the hotel - but that's quite rare!
  8. We're getting waaaaay off topic here, perhaps continue the spring/summer conversation over here:    
  9. Seriously, I make a request for people to use the chat thread for non-model related posts, and within 10 minutes 5 posts are made, 4 of them off topic!  I'm moving them over to the relevant thread, but errm, please can those not doing so, consider what they're posting where - it's not a lot to ask and keeps the forum interesting and relevant for all those who want to read and take part. 
  10. There are loads of posts of late that aren't really model related (stuff such as 'winters over', how annoying that is for people etc etc chiefly). It's not that these posts aren't ok,  it's just they're not ok as part of the model discussion, as they're not about the models.  So please, if you're planning on making that sort of post, or end up writing one please stop before you submit and head over to the chat/banter/moans thread and post it in there. 
  11. Turning nice n white here in Aviemore now, crazy day!
  12. Atlantic storm Gertrude

    Ah cool, I said they could use it  
  13. Atlantic storm Gertrude

    As has already been noted, if it was considered too dangerous they would have closed the road, and wouldn't have opened the shop/cafe either. 
  14. Atlantic storm Gertrude

    There were quite a few people up there actually, and even the bar/restaurant is open at the base!
  15. Atlantic storm Gertrude

    I can confirm it's windy on Cairngorm!