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  1. January 1937 Times editorial  Note the first lines Then back to December 1891  
  2. It is the period of time that we are currently living through.  I have a Times editorial during the winter of 1928-29 which mentions modern frosts and they talk about winters not being like to what they use to be and then you go back about 40 years from then and  a Times editorial saying that mild winters are more common than severe ones. And go back to the 1850s and a comment by a weather observer saying that it was an old fashioned winter despite people convince that the seasons had changed. There is nothing modern about it, it's as old as the Ark.
  3. Winter 2015/16.

    One thing I'm pretty sure, it's going to be the wettest winter on record for some areas. About 2mm more of rainfall and it will be the wettest for our region.  
  4. Winter 2015/16.

    Odd shower this afternoon    
  5. North West England Weather discussion 16/01/16 Onwards

    Last winter had a Manchester winter index in the 80s, much higher than many a winter in that 1988-2008 period. So not exactly a truely diabolical winter at least around here.
  6. C.E.T. Forecasts for February 2016

    Something around 5.5      
  7. Past winters discussion

    February 1999 was an interesting month, overall mild, it was not devoid of wintry weather. The Alps copped it this month where there were deadly avalanches    
  8. 3rd February 1990: a runner low ran through the Channel, gave a heavy wet snowfall to parts of the south Just some food for thought....
  9. This is just one reason I am not keen on the "like" button.     
  10. What I find I striking is how intense the Azores high is forecast to become, not often the Azores high gets up to 1050mb.
  11. Storm Imogen

    Yep, I think I posted a thread in it.
  12. Storm Imogen

    You see that photo and then you have this idiot who nearly lost her life because of her stupidity
  13. Past winters discussion

    Anyone remember the late January 1996 snow cover disappearance?  That was a strange one, we had good falls on an easterly and left a good covering overnight Friday/Saturday. Something happened overnight that Saturday night because I notice the snow cover had lessened when I woke up Sunday morning and by Sunday afternoon, it had almost gone! Yet it was bone dry, no actual melt, the snow must have sublimated.