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    The graphic for December is confusing the issue. It  states that average rainfall for Scotland. Infact it was record breaking wet month. Wetter than average for the rest of country but actually it was average for central and SE parts of England. Rainfall wise it hasn't done well, it certainly not going to be average rainfall wise for the winter.
  2. Yes, it would be nice. I know he is probably busy but to trumpet something and then leave everyone scratching their heads, days later  is a no, no for me. Has Tamara offer an analysis of what actually happened?

    That would be the pits, May colder than the previous December. Given that December was 9.7C for the CET, it is a possibility.
  4. Remember when we use to get one of these in winter?        
  5. It's your opinion but I very much disagree. 2nd wettest November on record followed by the wettest December and wettest ever month followed by the 5th wettest ever January on record. That has been the last 3 months for our region. Not wonderful, horrific is the word I would used. Yes it has been exceptionally mild but we have paid for it dearly with ridiculous rainfall totals.  I would have enjoyed this winter even if we still had the same sort of temperatures but far more high pressure and much drier.  Instead it has been a washout and the last 3 months have been the wettest ever and we are rapidly closing on the wettest ever winter. A wonderful winter? Maybe if you have gills or you are make croaking sounds or you a wading bird.......
  6. North West England Weather discussion 16/01/16 Onwards

    Another 43mm and it is the wettest winter on record for our region.
  7. Past winters discussion

    Februaries 1990, 1992, 1993, 1995, 1997, 1998 weren't exactly snow fests. Only February 1991, 1994, 1996 and 1999 had lying snow here during the month.  Interestingly only February 2006 out of the 2000s didn't have at least one day of lying snow here.

    Iapennell, what do you make of that the 5 strongest El Niños since 1950 were all followed by a below average April containing a notable wintry episode? Even the El Niño of 1918-19 which is believed to have been strong was followed by a below average April and a notable late season snow event.
  9. Philip Eden, does anyone know what has happened to him? His website is not updated anymore, he doesn't write the monthly assessment for Weather magazine.

    1. Paul


      No, not sure. Does he still do his write-up in the telegraph do you know?

  10. North West England Weather discussion 16/01/16 Onwards

    Depressing stat. Already 2nd wettest winter on record and that is without February!
  11. The Chemtrails conspiracists out blaming recent  nacreous clouds on aerosol stratospheric engineering!

    1. jpro747



    2. Mokidugway


      They're always  haarping on .....:D

  12. C.E.T. forecasts for January, 2016

    That's how I was taught Maths at school with rounding up decimals. Always to the nearest even one.