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  1. As much as everybody is chasing snow at the moment the most notable thing here in Yorkshire (away from the east coast) looks to how dry things look with only a weak looking low next Wednesday really threatening to produce precipitation. Just hope this easterly produces sunshine in similar quantities to today and yesterday. Really nice afternoons. On the whole the models get a thumbs up from me.
  2. 2016 Tennis Thread

    Three tournaments this week.. Rotterdam (hard) - Nobody of note Buenos Aires (clay) - Nadal,    Memphis (hard) - Nikishori
  3. All looks dry here in West Yorkshire. Fronts too far south and then dry straight northerlies. I'm just hoping for sun.
  4. A lot of my potted flowers which usually die and then sleep for the winter have actually flowered again. Only other time i recall this happening was the winter of 14. 
  5. Winter 06 was dry, cold, frosty and sunny but unremarkable from a CET point of view. Winter 12 was a horror show until early Feb.  
  6. We heard reports before that he was awake so i suspect that means he's either paralised or without memory.
  7. 2016 Tennis Thread

    Three 250 tournaments this week.. Quito (clay) - Tomic   Montpelier (hard) -  Nobody of note Sofia (hard) - Nobody of note
  8. 2016 Tennis Thread

    Del Potro back in Delray beach. 
  9. 2016 Tennis Thread

    Aye. This next generation is pretty poor.  Personally i still maintain that Del Potro has it in him but being injury free and consistent are his problems. On that note, he's apparently back this month so look for him to be a threat from the US Open onward (after his last season off in 2010 he only really stood out against Nadal at Wimbledon in 2011 but was back on form by early 2012).. 
  10. To put aside or search for cold for one second.  If we want the kind of spring months that were seen in March 12, May 07 and May 08 then what do we want to be seeing from the stratosphere and teleconnections.
  11. May 08 was brilliant and the first half explained exactly what synoptics we need to beat the existing record holder.  Your right though, we've had relatively settled May's but we rarely see a high parked over/east to deliver the warmth with it.
  12. C.E.T. forecasts for January, 2016

    What was the CET for the middle third of the month? I notice each year that most people put on their rose tinted glasses and latch onto one choice thing that guarantees a cold winter. As much as i did think we were going to go colder than average in Jan-Feb, a cursory evaluation of +MEI/+QBO combinations would have told people that most December's and February's were pretty awful. I don't blame El Nino on it's own for this winter but i'd say that to expect a west based pattern when the east Pacific is still above 1C is highly unlikely. 
  13. Running, Weight Training, Nutrition

    Will be weighing as usual later today, expecting a near neutral month.
  14. C.E.T. Forecasts for February 2016

    Increase my prediction to 5.4C.
  15. 2016 Tennis Thread

    Djokovic and Federer for the semi.