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  1. Atlantic Storm #2 Barney

    I'm just down the road from you and as I posted on page 17 with pic, we had a car written off next door with a falling tree! That said, I agree as I have seen much, stronger winds in the past and so I think the tree must have been weakened over the years.  Was quite something at the time though!
  2. Atlantic Storm #2 Barney

    Thanks Costa - no more down as yet but they would reach the house if they do!  It's case of fingers and everything crossed right now! It's been surprisingly crazy for an hour or 2 here, so many storms come to nothing here normally and I didn't expect much from this one, looks like Barney is trying to prove a point! 
  3. Atlantic Storm #2 Barney

    I hope always for a decent storm be it thunder, snow or wind, when one finally arrives the trees opposite come down    Neighbours car and house - direct impact, there are 4 more to go... i am praying for no wind now