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  1. France weather

    27-28C in Basque France, c'est vraiment incroyable pour la saison, même ici dans Les Pays Basque!
  2. European Heatwave

    Not sure where you are reading this, but IMO there's a good chance that something similar could occur, after all, the start of July has already been one of the warmest on record across Europe, and there's no real sign of it abating either, so something like a 2003 is certainly possible, hopefully Europe is better prepared than it was in '03 
  3. Another beautiful day from this week, currently sitting at 26.5C, feels stunning out there.
  4. Beautiful day still, that July record is seriously under threat, 28C here and was up in Angmering forest earlier near Arundel where it was hovering between 29-30C, really is a nice throwback to the 1989-2006 style summers.   Heathrow at 36.7C, bye 2006 record.
  5. The warmest night here for a long time, probably since July 2006 in fact, with a low of 21.7C, already 24.8C outside, feels truly Mediterranean out there.
  6. July 2015 CET forecasts

    18.5C please.
  7. Beautiful weather here, with a temperature of 26C currently, and an azur blue sky
  8. France weather

    Scary temperatures being forecasted for SW France on tuesday, especially in the Landes department and the area around Bordeaux, could potentailly break June records    http://uk.weather.com/weather/10day/Bordeaux+33+France+FRXX0016:1:FR   http://uk.weather.com/weather/10day/Dax+40+France+FRXX0149:1:FR
  9.   Well GFS 12z brings back the possibility of that happening, more inline with the 0z so far   
  10. Extreme Temperatures Hottest/Coldest

    Hottest: 50C in Furnace Creek, Death Valley, CA United States on 18th July 2010 Coldest: -7c in Little Sutton, Wirral in On December 29th 2005 & Brighton, East Sussex December 3rd 2010
  11. GFS 18z is somehow even more epic with 20C uppers into the South-East at 198h    
  12. Amazing GFS run so far, what I love is the way the HP cells link up with each other later on to perform a stronger cell of high pressure, and any low pressure is far away from Western Europe              
  13. What a beautiful GFS 18Z, heat being pumped up endlessly from N Africa giving Spain and France some extreme heat and the SE is hot too, still not to be taken as gospel but exciting potential shown tonight.  
  14. 20c and mostly sunny, getting dry around here too and rain tomorrow looks light, then more low 20s and partly cloudy to come, not a bad June thus far.
  15. 24.1C now, easily beating the 21.3C high set back in April.