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  1. Crystal clear here with the Milkyway visible and a stunning Moon.

    1. Daniel*


      Blessed with no light pollution 

  2. Surface cold seems to hang on in there on this afternoons GFS with a slack N to East flow showing around Mid-Month.
  3. You can just make out Stanton Moor mast above the barn looking East towards Chesterfield and Derby 20 odd mls to the South. Lovely clean air out today makes for some fantastic views here in the Peak District. With such a shocking winter i'm ready for Spring now. Not long till the sheep start Lambing.. Let's just hope Winter does't have a sting in it's tail as far as the Lambs are concerned!
  4. The Midlands - Weather Chat

    A few pics from my stroll just.  
  5. A lovely day out here, With a cold wind.
  6. The Midlands - Weather Chat

    A cool Spring like day here with wall to wall sunshine and light winds, Temp 7c
  7. The weekends snow risk from the 6z. 
  8. Dry/sunny with clear sky's and little wind, Temp 4.5c after a low of 1c 
  9. Again the GFS shows a cold N/W Pm flow around the 17th, Turning Northerly as the Low passes pushing High Pressure up towards Greenland and the Jet very much South of the UK giving a pretty messy picture out in the run..
  10. Some posts have been hidden to save more drama.. Let's get back to friendly chat in here. Thanks.
  11. Yes as others rightly put, It's nice to see the ECMWF on board after slogging behind over the last few days.. A cool/cold 'wintry' outlook across the models today for the next 10 days +
  12. Into the run and a wintry N/Wly flow takes hold from next Wednesday. Nothing mild on the cards with the Jet South of the UK.
  13. The 6z shows the snow line further North over the Midlands next Friday before cold -8c 850's cover the Uk from the N/E. Stronger Heights over Greenland also being sucked up by the Low.