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  1. Your optimism is sorely needed at the moment BFTP, and somehow I begin to think you are onto something.
  2. Snowing lightly now and what there is laying is melting.
  3. It seems to me that the above post is being somewhat pessimistic as to whether we will get the cold weather a lot of us yearn for,nothing is written in stone BUT things are looking better this morning.
  4. My mind goes back to the and of January 1956 when the only information I could glean was from the DWR I got frpm the met office,obviously they were a day  or two old by the time they arrived but pressure was high to the North East but the outlook kept repeating temperatures around average,hardly a hint of the cold gathering on the near continent, In fact when the cold rolled in I believe on Feb the first it was totally unforecasted,things have improved somewhat since then but it seems that the hardest type of weather to forecast is anything  from the East.  
  5. At some point in January I believe that there will be a memorable cold spell so I will go for 2.9c
  6. Easterlies have always difficult to predict and this time is no different,I have followed the weather for many years and sometimes it can be 24 hours before the event before one can say it is going to happen. As a number of posters have said it is nice at least to see the eye candy so enjoy watching the developments over the next few days and a merry Christmas to all(belatedly).
  7. Merry Christmas John and a happy new year,exciting times coming I believe,regards MIKE.

    1. John Cox

      John Cox

      And many happy returns Mike,

      Yes the forum awakens with the 1st sign of positive changes around the corner. 

      Fingers crossed that we get a taste of winter in the New year,



  8. Its been snowing for around 3 hours but we only have a thin layer of snow/slush laying and the main road is clear,I reckon if I drove a couple of miles up the road it would be a different story. Still it is nice to see some of the white stuff at last.  The problems will start if and when it freezes.
  9. Hi Roger ,I thought it was time to make contact and wish you a very merry christmas and a happy new year. Thinks continue as per here although Sylvia was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year,after radiotherapy the surgeon was very happy not too see her for 6 months and she is currently in the clear. My health is like my golf up and down,best not to go into detail. The weather you know is very mild and mixed with not a sniff of snow and you LRF is on the ball at the moment,as I am off to Oman again to stay with Daniel I do not think I will be missing any of the white stuff here. Give my regards to your wife and have a drink on me(we can settle up when we meet hopefully),,best regards Mike.

    1. Roger J Smith

      Roger J Smith

      Thanks for that, Mike, we also have our share of health issues but generally speaking not too bad, I was out golfing quite often in 2015 and had a fairly good year considering how infrequently I had been playing the previous few years. The weather here has been closer to our normal values than in most places but also no snow at this elevation, can see it on the nearby hills though. Hope your trip goes well and that you and Sylvia have a happy holidays. We will be staying around here. Anyways, I see you in the quiz most days, it seems that Kindred spirit has taken off for Oz or somewhere. Will chat again in the new year sometime, take care. -- Roger

  10. I am not optimistic as to any covering being around come am. But one lives in hope.
  11. When one gets to my age two snowless years make it difficult to remember those halcyon days of December 2010  and of course 62-63 is now a distant memory,one wonders how the country would or could cope with conditions such as they were then. Back to the present and we do look to be in for quite a long wait be fore the coldies are back in force.
  12. Dull wet and miserable,NOT a good day for a game of golf!
  13. The Seasonal Forecast Thread

    The doomongers at it again,coldest winter since 62/63 etc, there are so many contrary indicators to back it up that I shall dream on and remember that lovely winter where snow was laying from boxing night to early March.