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  1. Just got back from dunstable downs, the clouds are so low that its foggy as hell up there! Though there was a cracking storm on its way from all the blue flashes through the fog, but sadly someone had crashed up there so the cops were flashing there damn lights lmao
  2. Hello Dami, I would make your walk quick seems as the rain is almost here! Lets keep our fingers crossed for some thunder later on today here
  3. This is a simply stunning setup, The sky has that incoming mcs look to it you see in warmer countries! Good luck everyone
  4. Ooo the estofex forecast is out is out
  5. Just starting to see the odd horizon flicker here now
  6. Dont want to jinx it but we seem to have another amazing setup on our doorstep! Good luck to those still in the no storms club!
  7. Haha that sounds brilliant! I hope you managed to capture some film of it. was such a good storm had a really fun night in the end and finaly got to test out the slow motion function, check out this strike  
  8. Haha whoops! Did you still get a good display? I decided to head to a hill that overlooks my area instead. was a good call, by far the best storm in my home town for years!
  9. Regular distant flashes seen here! still miles away!!
  10. wow thats impressive, eyes south now!
  11. Probably one of the best viewpoints in this part of the country! I suspect position wont matter to much as they are going to start popping up all over in the next few hours
  12. Awesome well send me a PM if your interested! Its in luton and has some stunning views! ive watched several good storms there in the past
  13. Good evening everyone! Looks like im not the only one getting excited, Will be doing some chasing tonight, anyone fancy meeting at Dunstable Downs if there are storms in the area?
  14. I really wouldn't underestimate this setup, im getting rather excited already! Off to work now till 9, then will fuel up and head wherever the clouds take me. Good luck everyone and be safe!